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Reducing the carbon footprint is not the answer to global warming


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Ray Payette says that humans affect Global Warming not so much because of CO2 emissions, but because of the heat of inefficient machines.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Quebec, May 12, 2020 (Issuewire.com) – Raymond Payette, a retired civil servant, announced today his publication of his opinion on the human cause of global warming. He believes that carbon dioxide emission is not our main contribution to global warming but that its greatest threat the heat generated by inefficient motors.  

Wikipedia, that is a peer-reviewed outlet, has many articles on engine efficiencies; also Quora has similar articles

Raymond Payette synthesized many of these findings to determine that though CO2 is undeniably a part of green house gas (GHG), motor inefficiency is the much more important cause of global warming. He makes a plea to find a better solution.

Raymond Payette published a 5 minutes video on YouTube that explains his opinion.

Scientists are on the wrong path when they want to reduce the carbon footprint, thus politicians are applying the wrong solution by taxing the carbon footprint. Motor inefficiency is the main cause and it is urgent to address it.

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