Alec Baldwin gives a sort of explanation for promoting his podcast on social media on blackout Tuesday!


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To bring a change into a society full of discrimination, many cities in the United States have come together to protest against such human cruelty based on color and creed. The riots are growing massive within these cities of America. The protestors and activists have come up with an unprecedented movement in the history called #theshowmustbepaused in order to show the power and importance of every human life in the entertainment domain. As the movement has become the talk f the show, the activists have taken up a unique initiative as a part of this big movement, “Blackout Tuesday” this week to pause every operation on this day to show respect and support to the forerunners of the change. The main propaganda of this social media gimmick is to take some time to think about what people are doing to each other and mourn over the tragic death of George Floyd and educate themselves about Black Lives Matter to amend the biased policies. When the riots and backlashing the government is at its peak, Alec Baldwin finds himself in an awkward position for using social media to promote his next big project rejecting all the cries of the pickets. Alec Baldwin Defends Posting On Social Media On Blackout Tuesday To Promote His Podcast Interview With Woody Allen.

Many famous brands, big celebrities, artists, and top-most organizations have taken part in this initiative by restricting themselves from posting no other content rather than black backgrounds on Instagram and adding the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter in the caption to show full support in Blackout Tuesday. But Alec Baldwin was seen doing completely different things as he did not stop promoting the latest episode of his Here’s The Thing podcast and an interview with Woody Allen in it.

Baldwin took to Instagram and said a few words about Woody Allen’s new book. He stated that the new book is called ‘Apropos of Nothing’ that began with a picture of his father, a stout World War One Navy veteran, and gunman in the firing squad. He also wrote with fascination that the first series of the book will not disappoint the readers for its unexpected leaps from working-class Jewish Brooklyn in the 1940s to movie sets in Rome and Paris. The last thing he added in the post that “the book also addresses the accusation of an incident of sexual abuse leveled by Dylan Farrow.”

Alec will surely surprise his fans and Instagram followers with the candid and subjective interview with the experienced director Woody Allen. He is currently 84 years old who has made through the generation that saw the never-seen-before pandemic of Coronavirus.

The big star went on sharing a second post and there he addressed working with Woody was the highlight of his career. He has worked on three movies with the outstanding director.

Half of his 1.7 million Instagram followers got enraged as soon as those posts were out on Instagram on the Blackout Tuesday. The comment section was flooded with backlashes from his supporters. More to this, he created flames from the smoke when he opted to share an interview with someone who has been the target of sexual assault allegations.

In response to such insensibility, one follower said that Alec Baldwin chose the worst time for such promotions.

Though Baldwin did not hold him back from explaining his act that while the podcast was being conducted, the guests requested a specific positing date and he could not turn down Woody Allen’s request that was already promised.

He also mentioned that it might be the lack of sensitivity referring to the whole movement of BlackOutTuesday as some sort of national day that he did not acknowledge before.

He mentioned three things in the comment section for his followers. The first thing he said that “the professional lives of some people can’t be put on hold at the “whims of political correctness.” Secondly, he mentioned that Allen is an innocent and respected man in the industry so turning him down would hamper their reputation. Lastly, he put a deadpan face and said that putting on black screen today or any day will not actually change anything politically. It is just a way of showing sentiments. He thinks it will be better if the citizens choose the right candidate through voting.


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