Vanessa Bryant has shared some pictures of unharmed Kobe/Gianna mural during the chaotic protests


Image Credits – News Break

Since the lockdown due to Coronavirus was not the only surprise of 2020 for America, riots have been broken out in many major cities of the United States after the death of George Floyd. Streets are blocked by the protestors since last week and the police seem helpless in maintaining peace. Amidst all the picketers who are fighting for a social cause, some ungenerous fellows have started violent riots, damage, looting, and vandalism in the name of protest. Vanessa Bryant Shares Photo of Unharmed Kobe/Gianna Mural Amid LA Protests.

Rioters have brought damage to many important structures and looted buildings. They have been seen destroying cultural heritage but fortunately, one specific mural is unharmed. Vanessa Bryant posted a new picture of the untouched Kobe/Gianna mural that is still safe from the vandalism that occurred in the LA protests.

She posted this picture of the particular mural on her Instagram story and wrote “Kobe and Gianni,” in the caption and put a heart emoji side by side. The celeb also shared a viral clip from the city’s Fairfax district. It had morbid pictures of burning buildings and a reporter’s statement that one of Kobe’s murals remained undefaced.

There was another Instagram page that was solely dedicated to the murals of Kobe Bryant sent out a message for everyone. It was written in the post that everyone knew that Kobe Byrant and Gianna were off-limits. In January, we heard that Kobe and Gianna died in a tragic helicopter accident.

It was one of the worst accidents that took place in 2020. Kobe Bryant was 41 years old and he was accompanied by the 13-year-old Gianna when they ended up together in the helicopter crash. The 39 years old lady, Vanessa is now living with Natalia, Bianka, and their 11-month-old child, Capri. After witnessing such injustice, she decided to speak up for it as a free citizen.

She shared another picture of wearing an “I Can’t Breathe” t-shirt. It resembles the heart-wrenching video where George was seen repeatedly saying that he could not breathe for the way he was held on the ground. These were his last words to the Minneapolis police officer, Derek Chauvin, who killed the man by ignoring every word he said and did not remove his knee from his neck.

Many of her followers have praised for her shared photographs and the message she had to spread. The commentators seemed to be moved by Vanessa and the legend of Kobe and their 13-year-old daughter. One of the fans has written in the comment that Kobe and Gianna would have supported this effort and stood against the police system.

George’s tragic death brought shame to the system and Chauvin was suspended from his service. He was also charged with murder and slaughter. The other three officers who were present at the scene got fired as well. The murder of Floyd enraged the people of America and uncontrolled protests began violating the norms of social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic.


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