The New Research Published by Oklahoma Baptist University Addresses Sustainable Growth Policies across Non-Profit Organizations


Oklahoma Baptist University recently came out with their research titled, ‘Mobilizing Missions in a Disruptive World: International Sports Federation Case Study’ and its functional significance in the scope of sustainable growth led by non-profit organizations.

The structure of the American business economy has seen the prevalence of various non-profit organizations since the late 1800s. With religious pursuits as one of their main objectives, many such organizations have grown significantly over the years in its course of availability and services. With more such organizations cropping up in various verticals, the competition has also reached its highest pace.

This particular research is a collaborative output of students and professors that highlight the evident challenges of religious non-profit organizations in the backdrop of declining climate. The research is extremely crucial for experts and scholars to guide these organizations into adopting sustainable changes in support of climate change and also the dynamic and volatile marketplace. This research goes into the workflow of the international Sports Federation as a case study focusing on political, economic, social, environmental, and legal factors that collectively put the organization in a functional course. The direction of the business is directly dependent on these external factors that are always on the verge of dynamic change.

Even though non-profit, these establishments or organizations are always looking to maintain a strong position in the generic market. When sustainability and market growth come in a confluence of easily adaptable changes, the results are astounding. With a planet that is not only undergoing the wrath of climatic disruption, the other key factors of civilization, society, politics, economy, and culture are also in a constant position of alteration. The research concludes the importance of adopting sustainable changes so that both resources and market growth can lead the entire system into a better and maintainable framework.

The student contributors to this study are Stephanie Dirlbeck, Nancy Lopez, and Sara Lopez. Other professors associated with the research include Associate Professor of College of Business, OBU Dr. Daryl D. Green and Associate Professor in Marketing and Business at Union College in Barbourville, KY, Dr. Jack McCann. This collaboration between professors and students led to bigger prospects of research, career advantages, and the very basis of teamwork.

Stephanie Dirlbeck
Stephanie Dirlbeck
Nancy Lopez
Nancy Lopez
Dr. Jack McCann
Dr Jack McCann









Dr. Daryl D. Green

Dr. Daryl D. GreenTo view the article, please visit;, while for information about this research or if you would like assistance with your organization, please contact Dr. Daryl Green at 405-585-4414 ([email protected]).

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