Nothing could stop Bayern Munich from winning its 30th Bundesliga title


Image Credits – Times Of India

It is the eighth time Bayern Munich Wins Its 30th Bundesliga Title. They had opportunities to end it for Werder Bremen with a 0-1 score.

The Bavarians have been dominating the scene throughout the year. They have claimed to be the European champions five times, yet they have faced some difficulties during the season.

First, they had to replace their head coach, Niko Kovac after a shameful defeat against Eintracht in Frankfurt ground. But the scoreboard turned in the next game unexpectedly for Bayern. When Hansi Flick filled the space, he took to the game to a new level with his meticulous steps and continuous attacking positions. He showed an aggressive approach in match ground which we never saw before when Kovac directed the game strategies.

Bayern found it easy to win the match by dominating the poop performance of the opponents in the field and got a lead in the final quarter of the campaign. Red Bull Leipzig’s moves helped the other team to make a few points but Borussia Dortmund had been playing steadily. It took place in the second week of the soccer and Bayern was slightly leading with a small win in Dortmund 0-1. They would have to go after two big names, Borussia Monchengladbach and Bayer Leverkusen.

Since the restart, Flick’s team doing great, and the victories prove they are in the best shape comparing to others.

Though their constant victories, the fan might be disappointed to watch their performance going a little off in this match. But their average team-play outperformed in the match and they went home with another winning match on the guest ground. The only goal in the game came from Robert Lewandowski. He scored a point just before the halftime giving a whole new edge to the event. He scored 31 goals in Bundesliga this season and that gives enough air to present him the German Golden Shoe award.

Coming up next for the Bavarians is the UCL challenges. They have to give their best for the round of 16 matchups against Chelsea. They have the confidence and practice for landing with a good score. They have won against the Blues by three points and the fans are waiting for them to come in Lisbon for the tournament. Bayern is deemed as one of the ideal candidates to win the title beside the big shots of Manchester City and Barcelona.


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