The start of the NBA will take place a day earlier on 30th July


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The NBA is getting very near to making an important decision to start the season just a day earlier rather than going by the previous plan.

According to Adrian Wojnarowski of the ESPN, the league is going to start with the games on 30th July instead of starting to kick off proceedings on 31st July. According to the famous insider of the NBA, who went on to share the news earlier today on Twitter. NBA Starting One Day Earlier – July 30.

Keeping in mind about the reputation he has got and his delivery of all the correct information in the past things are quite possible that we are going to hear some kind conformation officially that will be coming up in the next few days.

According to the Tweet by Adrian Wojnarowski, a slightly earlier date has been targeted by The NBA for the season to restart in the city of Orlando. This has been told by sources in ESPN on 30th July.

The exact reason for this particular happening is totally commercial and favor is being done by the NBA to TNT company who has been its partner and that too quite long-lasting. On Thursday, the 30th of July, which happens to be the day when the broadcasting rights are going to be there with TNT. The Sunday games will be done by the ABC and the games on Wednesday and Friday will be done by ESPN. The rights for broadcasting the matches will be there with the NBA TV on all other days.

Given this constellation, it is going to be almost a week that TNT would have to wait before they get back in the position for airing and broadcasting the contests of NBA and quite a large sum of cash is going to be lost by them in the process. Furthermore, the two other broadcasters are going to have quite a lot of an advantage over their counterparts as this is the reason why the league has decided to make certain changes like this one.

Having played those games a day earlier is not going to be a very big deal for the franchises as well as for the players while contrastingly on the other side of the coin for the broadcasters as well this is going to be a very significant moment especially in very demanding times that is prevailing now. The fans who are there spread all across the globe are waiting with bated breath to see their favorite NBA players who are hooping afresh all over again and there is no suspicion at all that the ratings for this year are all set to hit the ceilings once again.

Because of this very fact, the revenues are going to be pretty high than the usual ones, and in this particular time when the whole of the financial system has crashed and is struggling very much to get off the hooks, these are going to be necessary cash boots for them.

In case you forget, just to remind all the readers 22 teams are going to enter the restart out of which 9 will be from the East and the rest of the 13 will be joining in from the West. Eight games each will be played by all of them so that the seedings are determined for the playoffs. If conceivably, it so happens that the ninth team that is part of the conference is well under four games behind the number eight, the best-of-two series is going to be played between the two of them to determine the winner and is eventually move on to the postseason.

Do the fans still believe that there is going to be some kind of change in comparison to the latest standings?


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