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Lance Bass Clarified About His Clash With Jax Taylor And Also Defended His Decisions To Marry Him And Brittany




It has been announced by Lance Bass that Jax Taylor has stopped being part of the Just Add X as a result of the outrage concerning his behavior that took place both on and off the camera of the Vanderpump Rules. One of the representatives of Jax came out in the open and said that he was blindsided by the allegations made by Lance as his side of the story has been told by the former bodybander.

Although the right thing has been done by Lance as ties have been cut with the star from the reality show, as a lot of heat is taken by him as in the first place, he was friends with him. It will be remembered by viewers that he stepped up enough for the couple to get married just after their pastor was found to be homophobic as it has been exposed then. Lance Bass Clarifies What Happened Between Him And Jax Taylor — Defends His Decision To Marry Taylor And Brittany Cartwright.

Fans wanted an answer from the star as to why he did such a bad thing with Jax as he knew about his history of being a villain and also seen him defending the pastor.


All the drama has been opened by Bass on his podcast.


He went on and told the fans that they very much want to know what has happened and went down all these years. He said that he wants to preface the entire thing at this moment because he is aware of the fact that there are a lot of new listeners on the platform. He went on to say that he does not think that Jax Taylor is a homophobe or a racist and it has been said a million times by him. He further added that he will not be any acquaintances with anybody whom he thinks to be a homophobe and a racist as well. According to him, it will not make any sense at all. He exclaimed that the entire reason behind marrying him and also his wife that happened last summer was thought by him as something of a great statement as he was replacing their preacher who happens to be homophobic. He also said that to him it was very much like a statement and he thought that it was very big on their part to make such a huge statement.

He further went on to speak on the issue and said that they started a business together as he wanted to show the entire world that a change has taken place in Jax; nevertheless, he looked at it and said that the situation was not the same as he kept on watching when during the airing of the episodes a storm was stirred up by a tweet that came from the 40-year-old.

In the tweet by Lance Bass, it has been said that everybody is searching for ways and means so that people can be educated on this right now. He also mentioned some of his favorite organizations that he wishes that his fans check out. He said that it will support all of them through the proceeds that came from June Cameos. On top of that, the proceeds from the cameos will go entirely to the NAACP Empowerment Fund and everybody is there in it together and fighting for the cause. There are other issues also which they all want to make it count through this benevolent gesture which is quite amazing.

He further explained that he was very happy to believe in him and fact back him. He also wanted the best out of him. When the airing of this particular season started he went to revert to the same old crap that has been spewed by him. Anything racist has been not heard obviously and nothing came out from his mouth. He meant that he heard of various tweets. He is still very much confused about the tweets by which everybody is pissed about very much. This is everything that is known by him as he has not heard him saying anything racist except for the thing of the big nose that came up very recently.


Jax has still not responded to the rebuttal by Bass.



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