Flare Sentry DNS Filter/Browser Extension Combo- Blocks Ads, Phishing, Ransomware, Malware And Malicious Links


(YorkPedia Editorial):- Pittsburgh, Jul 7, 2020 ( – CybX Security LLC announces the launch of a Kickstarter campaign to provide a home and business solution that will protect network-connected devices and protect users while they browse the internet. Flare Sentry is currently protecting the privacy, safety, and security of both home users and organizations, while significantly improving their browsing speed & performance.

Flare Sentry comprises two of CybX Security’s most popular products – flareDNS and Flare Browser Controller.

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flareDNS is a DNS filter, either physical or cloud-based, which stops network devices from connecting to ad servers, phishing, ransomware, adult, crypto-mining, malware, and other dangerous connections. All this is managed in an intuitive dashboard, where the user can see graphical analytics and manage their blocklist and whitelist effectively.

Flare Browser Controller is a customizable Chrome and Firefox extension/add-on that allows you to browse the internet privately, hiding your identity and blocks more ads than regular ad blockers (such as Outbrain etc.). The extension is also customizable and features intelligent blocking of ad trackers, data brokers and malicious URLs.

By using both solutions, Flare Sentry offers privacy, security and peace of mind for your business or family. With ransomware attacks on the rise, a comprehensive DNS solution is absolutely necessary whether you are a family or an organization. The ability to ensure a website is who they say they are, and having the ability to check each outgoing link you click (be it an email or web page link) is a powerful step up in security.

Using a DNS blocker means you can control the connections to other devices on your network – like Alexa devices, printers, etc. – as well as those that use the internet for browsing – like a laptop.

By also using a browser controller you are able to have finite control over your browsing experience on devices such as laptops and PCs. Flare Browser Controller is able to laser target the scripts, cookies, connections, and code on a webpage, and handle your custom settings directly in the browser window.

Flare Sentry operates on a proprietary blocklist, which can be customized by the user. These blocklists have been compiled by CybX Security using a combination of distributed honeypots, honeynets, government-sponsored blocklists, and crowdsourced lists. By compiling their own blocklists, CybX are able to stay one step ahead of cybercriminals, as they evolve their attacks.

Flare Sentry is available now exclusively on Kickstarter:


About Company: CybX is an innovative cybersecurity company, providing disruptive solutions that protect data first for companies and home users around the world. CybX products adhere to ISO level certification and use proprietary encryption layers. CybX Security also holds 6 immune architecture patents.

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