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Hy Osama shares the New Music Video ‘LYFESTYLE’ flexing what he Calls a Good Life


Trap Artist  Hy Osama

The young and upcoming trap artist from New York City Hy Osama has released the official music video called ‘LYFESTYLE’ under the new production house called Osama Ent.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Long Island, Jul 31, 2020 (Issuewire.com) – The praiseworthy hip hop artist Hy Osama is successfully making nebulous musical creations based on his whimsical philosophy of life and the official music video titled LYFESTYLE‘ featuring 2 FLYY is another example of the daily hustle-bustle with his clan and humdrum work to earn extra cash that makes him an unexceptional man in the neighborhood. The upcoming trap artist from New York City Hy Osama clearly focuses on the rush and restlessness he enjoys with his friend and the growing music career to complete the new project that he started while freewheeling his rumination about the future plans. He realized that a concrete plan of future and family is made for another world without him. Portraying his beliefs, the bold dreams with big black cars, and shiny rings making his fists strong, he progresses through the video with a bunch of cool folks from around.

He loves the sound of the city and the retro hip hop he grew up with; it is a homage to his passion for music and the street hustlers of the city that helped him grow with such flamboyant skills of rapping that he can beat any decent king of rap ciphers. The love for the people and the quarrel among the fraternity have taught him life lessons. He wants to spend the days while smoking pot and inhaling the delusional grim smoke to feel the flow of energy through his veins. Words come naturally in his mind when he tries to describe his misfit judgments and unsuccessful attempts to live a life like an ordinary man. In the popular music video ‘Wipe Yo Nose’, he thrashes out how he is having triumph by choosing to be creative and free. With the newly founded record label called Osama Ent, he has taken a major flight in his life.

Hy Osama likes to make music when he is getting high at a parking garage or bantering in the backyard of his house with his friends and team. He always mentions his gratitude to his awesome music team who inspires him and works hard so that he can live his dreams in a single life. The official music video of ‘LYFESTYLE’ featuring 2 FLYY is directed with his potential creative skills that showcase special moments in his life with his gang. He talks about money and guns, and how the mafia lifestyle suits his unhinged personality. The deep waves of bass and oscillating rhythms with a starry display make the video one of the most demanding work in his life. He finds pleasure in pain, this pain and aloofness will be the new side of the uprising artist that will be presented through the next production of a mixtape of 22 songs. Find him on YouTube and Instagram to shimmy with the wavy trap beats.

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