Doug Ford Declares That The Battle Is On, After President Trump’s Announces To Impose Aluminum Tariffs



Image Credit – Global News


The news of America planning to impose tariffs on Canadian aluminum was revealed by President Donald Trump on Friday after which Ontario Premier Doug Ford slammed the U.S. President.

Ford said that he had shared a good conversation with the deputy prime minister that morning regarding the issue and he is just extremely disappointed with President Trump after his declaration.

He exclaimed that they are their number one trading partner in the world. Ford further added that amid a pandemic, everyone needs to come together and concluded Trump’s actions as totally unacceptable and added that post his statement they are now in a battle.

Ford said that the President has decided to add tariffs to their steel industry as well.

It was on Thursday when Trump announced that America would be now imposing a 10 percent tariff on all imports of non-alloyed unwrought aluminum from China. As usual Trump said that Canada was merely taking advantage of them and he signed the cause because the aluminum business was being decimated by Canada which was supposedly very unfair to their jobs and also their great aluminum workers.

Post which, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said, that Canada shall now impose countermeasures, including the dollar-for-dollar retaliatory tariffs.

In the meanwhile Ford was seen encouraging Ontarians to buy Ontario-made products. He has been pushing the message for over several weeks now and it was on Friday that he amplified the statement following to Trump’s announcement.

Added to this Ford has also stated that they now need to get their manufacturing folks and the packaging folks to put the Ontario made logo everywhere.

He made a clear cut statement and said it is now the time for the citizens to go out there and buy Ontario made products as they are now up for against a real battle with them. It’s them vs. the Americans now. Although Ford added that he loves the American people but right now for the president to come back attacking them all during these tough times of pandemic, they shall now need everyone’s support to fight against this unacceptable approach.

He said that even though they are small, they are certainly a consumer giant.

Ford revealed that Ontario alone earns $390 billion per year in trading with the U.S. He said on they all are supposed to be a part of the big family but unfortunately Trump comes and backstabs them in this unacceptable manner.

He expressed his disguise by stating that him being a business man himself who would never go after his number one customer and slap him in the face, just the way President Trump did to the Canadian public and Ontario.

He assured the people by saying that they shall hit back in a way that no one has ever seen before.


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