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Talented Rapper GSHAWN700 Drops His Hiphop Number ‘Heavy Traffic’, a Rare Contemporary Mix of Retro Themes



Bringing out the true potential of the genre, modern hip hop is on its way to revolutionizing the global music scene with its universal charm. Budding hiphop artist DAVID G, famously known as GSHAWN700 is on his way to make a change in the global hip hop landscape with his matchless pitching agility exhibiting the eccentric complexity of his unique art form. His latest music video ‘Heavy Traffic, laden with multisyllabic and interior rhymes encapsulates the true spirit of the picturesque lyrical wordplay with a perfect melodic backdrop. The hard-hitting rhythmic beats orchestrated through progressive arrangements and beautiful chord structures exhibit his wondrous artistic craftsmanship to the world. The witty and powerful narrative of the track achieved through apt symbolism flourishes through the boisterous verse delivery backed up by his fiery vocal style.

Growing up with numerous thematic influences, the gifted artist has always been interested in versatile musicality which has given him the freedom to express his thoughts and individual style without being restricted to the norms of conventional music. Driven by his passion for old-school hip hop, he adds a dash of nostalgic charm in his cleverly crafted soundscape, giving the audience a taste of his rare tonal delicacy. The instrumental grandeur plays a vital role in the making of the melodic canvas in all of his compositions merging with his verbal performance in perfect harmony. The pummeling beats mixed with diverse instrumental magnificence add another dimension to the master class of his brilliant production.

Hailing from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, GSHAWN700 treats his soundscape with universal approaches that have helped him broadening his spectrum and reach the global audience. The supremely innovative thematic elements in his newest MV ‘Heavy Traffic’ mixed with the powerful verbal imageries relate with the listeners on so many levels. The dynamic rap flow incorporated with the killer hook finds solace in the warm embrace of the groovy resonance with the backing of the entertaining visual presentation of the music video. Indulge in the creative visuals of the track and to listen to his alluring collection follow him on Instagram and YouTube and be updated about his upcoming projects.

Please visit here to listen to this song ‘Heavy Traffic’ by GSHAWN700:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rfbNq0gombI


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