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Dee Greatest encapsulates the true spirit of the youth through her lyrical masterpiece ‘Iced Out wrist’


Dee Greatest

Multi-talented female rapper Dee Greatest has graced her fans with her latest hip hop number ‘Iced Out wrist’ X Smooovee showcasing dynamic rhyming techniques.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Dallas, Aug 25, 2020 (Issuewire.com) – With the power to change the perspective of an entire generation, the genre of hip hop and rap has been leading the global music industry presenting the most innovative lyrical pieces that have made history. Aspiring to bring a change to the monotonousness of the conventional music, gifted rapper Dee Greatest has introduced the world with her remarkable rendition into the genre, which differentiates with the contemporaries on terms of both verbal presentation and lyrical magnificence. Her latest music video Iced Out wrist‘ X Smooovee is the perfect example of an old school hip hop vibe interlaced with a contemporary rhythmic flow that creates a symphony of pure perfection. The vocal performance of both the artist makes way for a new thematic wave that is going to change the ordinary ways of thinking in the global hip hop industry.

Driven by her great attraction towards the versatile music, the prolific musician bends the conventional norms of music and experiments with diverse sonic elements from different genres to establish a unique sound that she can call her own. The inimitable melodic arrangements of her soundscape bear witness to her wondrous artistic endeavor that she achieves through her genuine love for the craft. Equipped with her naturally robust vocal, she has mastered both rappings and singing with equal dexterity which is prominent in each of her creations. Deriving inspiration from her own surroundings, she crafts the most relatable hip hop numbers with a hint of her own rhythmic and literary twist.

Hailing from Texas, Dee Greatest delivers the authentic taste of the golden age of hip hop joining forces with fellow rapper Smooovee through her most recent release ‘Iced Out wrist’. The prolific artist has shown her artistic capabilities abstaining from any kind of use of profanity in the track. Inspired by legends like Wale, Jhené Aiko, she focuses on the lyrical impact of her music ensuring the literary eloquence of the metaphors and verbal imageries used in the song. Her other lyrical ballad ‘What You Need’ has also created a ripple among her fans due to its exceptional rhyming scheme. Follow her on YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram for more updates.

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