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The Award-Winning Film You Need this Election Season is Streaming Now


The Divisible

THE DIVISIBLE premieres worldwide on YouTube today. An interracial couple fights to protect their son in a dystopian nation deeply divided by race.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Los Angeles, Sep 1, 2020 ( – In a land where division abounds, and structures we once relied on are coming apart at the seams, it takes courage to ask:  “What is it that truly divides the people of this nation?” and “What will it take to unite us?” 


THE DIVISIBLE is a multi-award winning film which has its World Premiere on YouTube today, tackling the soul-searching questions of our national character (and finding some shocking answers), in a tense, action-packed drama, hot off the domestic and international film festival circuit.


Select accolades include Best Drama, Best First-Time Director, Best Cinematography, Best Actress, and Outstanding Musical Achievement  for its original score.


Being ranked a “Highly Anticipated” film by Seed & Spark, (a crowdfunding hub for diverse voices in independent filmmaking) THE DIVISIBLE created overwhelming public support, as a passionate fan base generously contributed to the production’s “big-budget” feel, fueling today’s thrilling release.


Co-stars and co-founders of Jubilee Productions, Marcus T. Thomas (This Is Us, Black-ish) and Nicole Starrett (30 Rock, The Mad Whale) passed on profitable film distribution deals, in favor of their greater mission — releasing the film for FREE to the public, so that their mission of engaging voter participation has the maximum possible impact.


High-minded?  You bet. 

Entertaining?  Absolutely. 

Impactful?  You be the judge…






The DivisibleThe DivisibleThe DivisibleThe Divisible

The Divisible
The quickest route to improving our individual circumstances is to come together to invoke change. We aim to encourage more citizens of this democratic nation to register & exercise their right to vote. We want to inspire change through the powerful art of storytelling.


Source :Jubilee Productions

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