Ensopella AG Company is facing a comprehensive reorientation – RIXX Invest AG


Ensopella AG Company is facing a comprehensive reorientation

  • Extensive capital measures planned
  • Entrepreneurial transformation into a dividend stock with growth potential
  • Change of name and seat
  • AO HV on 15 September

After economically difficult years, Ensopella AG (Hamburg) is facing a comprehensive corporate reorientation. After a capital cut, investors will be offered 1.25 million non-voting preferred shares with a preferred dividend of 9% for purchase. In the future, the company will operate under the name of RIXX Invest AG with headquarters in Berlin and will then be active in the energy and financing sectors. The shares of Ensopella and, in the future, of RIXX Invest AG are listed on the Open Market of the Berlin Stock Exchange (WKN: 605007; ISIN: DE0006050073).

The restructuring of the Company will begin with the (virtual) Extraordinary General Meeting, to which the Company has invited for September 15, 2020. After Ensopella has incurred losses of more than half of its share capital, the Company proposes to consolidate the ordinary shares at a ratio of 30 to 1. The capital is to be reduced from the current 1.5 million EUR to 50,000EUR. Subsequently, 26 million new ordinary shares and 1.25 million non-voting preference shares are to be issued at a nominal value of EUR 1. The non-voting preference shares can be purchased by interested shareholders for EUR 4 per share and carry a preferred dividend of 9% per share.

The production of onshore oil in the state of Texas in the United States of America is currently the focus of the new entrepreneurial activity. The company attaches great importance to the security of the invested funds. In this respect, the company is breaking new ground in production, financing, and risk management. While RIXX Invest AG is entitled to the profits from oil production, the operational business remains in a separate company. In this way, the risk of production can be managed particularly well. The first developed field currently produces 30 to 40 barrels per day. The area was developed from 1960 onwards, but abandoned in the 1970s; at present only two wells are producing oil. In the coming months, production is expected to commence at additional wells. The acquisition of additional fields is being planned. Capital that does not flow into oil production is invested in the capital market and contributes to the achievement of the preferred dividend.

This corporate realignment is intended to create a growth of stock with stable distributions, which will ensure an attractive dividend yield, especially for first-time subscribers of the preferred shares.

Note for editorial offices:

The full text of the invitation to the Extraordinary General Meeting in the Federal Gazette and all details, e.g. on the capital measures, can be found here: https://www.bundesanzeiger.de/pub/de/suchergebnis?4

At https://www.boerse-berlin.de/index.php/Aktien?isin=DE0006050073 you will find the company’s current prices in the open market of the Berlin stock exchange


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