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Witness the Glorious Performance of Ace Miller and Renaissance 2030 in Their Joyous Number ‘Squeeze You’


Ace Miller  Renaissance 2030

Ace Miller and Renaissance 2030 presents a heart-rending vocal and instrumental resonance through their song ‘Squeeze You’ from the album Crazy for You.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Milledgeville, Sep 8, 2020 (Issuewire.com) – The world of R&B is full of surprises featuring different instrumental and acoustic influences that are extremely rare in the global music scene. Well-seasoned R&B/Rock band Ace Miller and Renaissance 2030 from Georgia, is creating a huge buzz in the R&B community all over the globe with their steppers dance song Squeeze You‘ that has the audience move their bodies like an instrument soaking in the full flavor of the track. The soulful intro of the song is an ecstatic flow of hypnotic resonance down the ear canal with a hint of mesmerizing instrumentation that is the backbone of the whole production. The song is the most creative one of the album Crazy for You, which is the group’s best work to date.

The song outshines the contemporaries with the inimitable vocal performance of the artists showcasing their unparalleled singing dexterity. Working with the production house HiRize, the band has come a long way since it was established in the soulful heart of Georgia, becoming a legend in the R&B community of not only Georgia but the whole world as well. The exceptional blend of smooth jazz, soul, and rock in their flavorful music has given momentum to their growth as a well-established band. The joyful melodic pattern of their soundscape incorporated with a nostalgic hue presents a savoring taste to their audience like old wine in a new bottle.

Born and raised in the home of Soul Music, Macon, the prominent R&B band Ace Miller and Renaissance 2030 is all about making music that offers pain-free love. The therapeutic resonance of their soundscape achieved through healing lyrical arrangements and soft and serene melodic essence brings out the true spirit of their creative imagination and boundless artistry. Inspired by the Macon-born legends like Little Richard, James Brown, and Otis, the band has crafted some of the most inspiring lyrical ballad expressing Leroy Ace Miller’s extraordinary songwriting skills. Their newest creation ‘Squeeze You’ has the power to put a smile on the face of the listeners featuring illusive flames of romance. Listen to their vast collection of outstanding melodies on YouTube and be updated about their upcoming works.

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