Mertens Is Clobbered By Azarenka To Set Up A US Open Semifinal Showdown With Serena


Image Credit – Times Of India


A very confident and loose Victoria Azarenka has overpowered Elise Mertens as the scorecard read 6-1, 6-0 on Wednesday as she advanced to the US Open semifinals where she is going to face a familiar opponent in Serena Williams.

Azarenka was bobbing her head along to the music that is played during the changeovers and was very much smiling has dominated Mertens, who is the sixteenth seed by spreading the court with 21 winners in their first meeting in the career.

The first set was taken by her after the Belgian, who is normally rock solid sent a forehand that is very wide for her, and in the frame, it was the 13th unforced error.

The Belarusian, who is 31-year-old, kept on putting the pressure on the opponent without letting any chances as she made Mertens run around the court and she has sealed the win when a backhand was dumped by the opponent into the net.

This is the first title won by Azarenka in four years at the western and Southern Open from the last month. She also said that she is very much appreciating her time more than ever on the court.

She also said that to be quite honest she had a great time playing and this is the time where she enjoyed tennis the most. She felt that playing the game is just like a job and something that she is meant to play. She further added winning is a very enjoyable thing. She also said that she gets very upset when she loses a game and could not function properly and normally for a couple of days.

But things have changed for her over the years and now nothing bothers her and at this moment she can tell the way she feels.

This is a win that saw the two time champion of Grand Slam advance with flying colors and gets past the quarter-finals of a major event for the first time since the year 2013. But she has got a formidable foe in the form of Serena Williams who has been standing in her way who has already defeated Azarenka in her two appearances in the finals of the US Open back to back years in 2012 and 2013.

An 18-4 lead is held by Serena Williams in their matchups that have taken place head-to-head as they have won their most recent matches last year at the Indian Wells.

Azarenka has said that the mouthwatering match cannot get any better about the semi-final showdown on Thursday with the seasoned American Serena Williams.

She also added that it is going to be an amazing opportunity as she will get a chance to play against the champion and she is somebody who she respects very much and on the personal front, she is also a friend.

She is very excited about this entire opportunity along with her fans.


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