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Zoo G and Balmaine display Tremendous Potential with their Cohesive Body of Work in ‘Sucka’


YouTube Video Sucka by Zoo G and Balmaine

Artists Zoo G and Balmaine have got their rap game on point as both of them mark their presence amidst the hip-hop crowd with a fitting banger titled ‘Sucka’.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Thomasville, Sep 16, 2020 (Issuewire.com) – Surprising the world of hip-hop with their stylish moves and unmatched rap proficiency, two artists who have been drastically raising the bar of this genre are Zoo G and Balmaine. Having all the intangible elements for gaining success, both the artists have been moving steadily to pave their path and treating the audience with their highly unique and creative musical ideas. Since the beginning of their careers, both of them have finely dedicated their skill sets and talents to bring out their potential on the platform and have earned the appreciation of all with their multi-faceted delivery skills and subject matter of the music. Their intriguing concepts and even more powerful way of executing the storyline have been readily accepted by the lovers of hip-hop and both the artists have recently launched another music video that demonstrates their ability to create a hard-hitting banger.

Sucka is the record in which both the talented artists have shown off their trap and hip-hop roots stylistically to gain attention. The video feels super engaging, catchy, and perfect for anymore who loves to indulge in out-of-the-box concepts. Their prominent screen presence and pumped energy are a treat to watch and the closely playing banging instrumentals give the track an anthem-like vibe. Their drilling sound and constantly groovy moves keep the whole project musically eclectic and immersive. Being ardent lovers of hip-hop, the artists portray their style and charisma by mixing it with their superb production skills which are easily visible at every step of the way. Lyrically, the words are fantastic and hold the attention of the listeners for its quirkiness. Both the artists are fluent storytellers and perform the art of rap effortlessly to create an uplifting mood.

Coming from the United States, Zoo G, and Balmaine have highly impressed the fan base of this genre with their most exclusive rap approach and the music video ‘Sucka’ is certainly going to enhance their reputation in the industry. Built under the label YNB, the track is targeting the fans of trap music with its drooling authentic sound arrangement and the impressive substance included in it becomes one big punch altogether. Both the rappers are a part of the group YNB and by showcasing their seamless production and rapping skills, they certainly need to be paid attention to. To enjoy their infectious chemistry and in-sync performance, watch the video on YouTube now.

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