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TITTLE Prof. Dr. Luis Gavin, The Best Specialist Dentist Surgeon and Maxillofacial in Dubai


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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Barcelona, Sep 19, 2020 ( – Prof. Dr. Luis Gavin is undoubtedly one of the leading world Specialist Dentist, Dental and Maxillofacial Surgeon of the last two decades working in the best hospitals in Europe under Capio Swedish Group and BUPA Int. and the one of the most requested Specialist for Jaw treatment, temporomandibular joint, TMJ, dental implants, gum infection, sleep apnea, and insomnia.

He studies in Spain and Sweden (Goteborg Univ)

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His expertise, friendly talk to the patient, he always says, I want my patients to become my friends after, sets him as a very special doctor for patients.

His clarity about the disease and diagnosis, healthy relationships based on active listening and transparency and offering easily from beginning his whatsapp number direct contact, makes him truly reliable and supportive.

Always he explains in deep to patients on the success rate and the risks involved
with related procedures.

Trust care and connection, follow up after treatment by phone and 24 hours hotline accessible, clarity clear instructions, closed price installments when cannot pay, to enlist priority of patient, all helps patients to select the urgent, and avoid unnecessary treatments, with effective and on-time communication.

As a matter of trust, you can check as we did for the investigation of this article and his profile, the so many google compliment reviews he got, only typing his name
His revolutionary inventions, as an inside mouth device to release sleep apnea patient from the CPAP machine, Hospital Dentistry, which puts any dental treatment reachable and affordable for those with dental fear, kids, obese pre-existing medical condition, dental surgeries without any pain after, treat gum infection with stem cells of the own blood of the patient, dental infection treatment without needling with the non-invasive ozone therapy medicinal gas, and dental implants with bone
grafting and stem cells.

The Spanish doctor, also is a strong and active international speaker, hungry to share his vast experience and refine state of art techniques with others.

He won several international awards and is an American Board.

He is currently based in Dubai, being working indifferent leading hospitals but also
collaborates with several universities as a lecturer and clinical instructor

Media Contact

Dr. Luis Gavin

[email protected]

whatsup +971 567048581

Dr. Luis Gavin
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