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EDM Star KID SEXY Outshines His Contemporaries with His Melodically Abounding Lyrical Ballad ‘DOGS OF WAR’



Promising EDM artist KID SEXY presents immense potential armed with exceptional versatile resonance in his rock and metal-infused melodic number ‘DOGS OF WAR’.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- South Hill, Sep 21, 2020 (Issuewire.com) – Contemporary music is ruled and guided by electronic music that has spread its reach to different genres creating the most alluring thematic pieces that seem out of this world. Seasoned DJ and music producer DJ K-SEXY, popularly known as KID SEXY, has become quite a sensation in the global EDM world with his extraordinary multi-genre soundscape. He has recently dropped his incredible Rock and Metal infused electronic track DOGS OF WAR, Produced by SEAN A PREGENT on all major streaming platforms creating a sensation in the clubs all over the world. The track starts with a surreal electronic beat that features the aggressiveness of metal creating an astonishing built up matching up to the raging vocals that give a new meaning to the whole aesthetics of the production.

Being surrounded by different musical influences from a very young age, the gifted musician had developed a knack for the art of music-making with emphasizing on the EDM music. Working independently, the gifted musician pours his heart out to his creations without any obligations to anyone. The artist has a wide collection of musical pieces ranging from some tear-jerking to mood-lifting songs that are opulent in a heavily melodic and instrumental pattern. His entire soundscape is a whirlwind of different thematic style that unfurls his creative genius to the world.

The rising American EDM star has utilized his hard-earned musical insights working as a DJ for years to craft his soundscape. Produced by SEAN A PREGENT, his latest music video ‘DOGS OF WAR’ features dramatic sonic textures achieved through dynamic synth merging with deeper bass tones and hard-hitting metal beats that form the perfect scenic backdrop for the destructive vocal performance. The vivid picturization of the video depicting the horror of war brings out the true spirit of the song’s eloquent lyrical arrangement generating a roller coaster of feelings among the listeners. KID SEXY or DJ K-SEXY has earned a name for himself with his other creations like ‘Freedom’, ‘Death Poem’, ‘Sock Puppets’, ‘Sweet December’, and more on YouTube and Spotify, vocalizing his genuine thoughts and opinions. Follow him on Twitter, and Instagram to be updated about his future projects.

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