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No Time-Frame Is There For ICC To Elect The New Chairperson To Run World Cricket




Image Credit – Times Of India


Sashank Manohar, the former BCCI President has already stepped down as International Cricket Council’s (ICC) on July 1, and it has been two months and 18 days. He was there for a four-year term before he handed down the interim charges to Imran Khwaja, the Deputy Vice Chairman until fresh elections are held by ICC.

Moreover, three months and twenty days have passed away since the ICC board met for the last time on 28th May, so that a ballot process is discussed and the next chairperson is brought on board.

Yet, the global governing body of the game was unable to reach close to any kind of conclusion so far about the procedures that are required to follow for holding an election for the new chairperson.

Media outlets asked ICC about getting closer to deciding the dates so that the boards meet and discuss the ballot procedures.

The spokesperson of the ICC has said that the election process for the chairperson is ongoing and due and careful considerations are taken by the board as expected by everybody. The board is guiding the business activity of the ICC as the collective focus is on emerging from the global pandemic and be in a strong position.

Nevertheless, it has been made clear by the governing body that the dates are not discussed as of now. The affairs of the game are run without a chairperson from the end of September in the middle of the pandemic. The global economic policies of cricket are suffering because of the pandemic.

ICC was asked by news outlets regarding whether they discussed any tentative time-frame and arrive at any conclusion about the working of the protocols. They also asked the body of Cricket about any tentative deadline to conduct the Annual General Meeting.

ICC said in the reply that these are two different issues and the board is keen on concluding the process for electing a new chairperson with careful and due consideration. The Annual Conference of the ICC has been postponed under exceptional circumstances because of the pandemic.

Covid-19 is not stopping very soon and it has made the intentions of ICC unclear in resolving the process and conducting the annual conference.

ICC has still not decided about its election and because it should be held on a simple majority or two-thirds of it.

A pre-election ballot is intended to be run by ICC and can be held based on a simple majority or two thirds. The ICC board wants to end the election process with a new Chairman and this is in line with the constitution of ICC as until a new Chairperson is elected, the Deputy Chairperson will act as the Chairperson.

Imran Khawaja who is based out of Singapore is the present interim Chairperson of ICC and does not represent any full member of ICC on the board.


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