Rajat Khare Shows How Yoga Can Revitalize The Personal And Professional Life Of Entrepreneurs





The well-known entrepreneur and the founder of the Luxembourg-based investment fund- Boundary Holding, Rajat Khare has found the purest way of living by going back to the traditional values of Yoga that he wants to convey among the community of entrepreneurs around the world. According to him, yoga is the one-stop solution for all the problems, big or small in one’s life. It has helped him with his decision-making abilities and brought peace and happiness in both his personal and professional life. The successful businessman and Yogi have built a Facebook page, entirely dedicated to introducing people with the significance of yoga. According to him, Yoga not only strengthens one’s body but help them to take control of their mind as well.

The IIT Delhi alumnus is the co-author of the book called ‘Make The Move – Demystifying Entrepreneurship’ and has cofounded countless businesses in the fields of education, Government Information Technology, Hedge Fund, franchising, Data Analytics, and many more. His financing firm invest in artificial intelligent and deep take associated industries worldwide at their early stages of development helping the technology to progress and shape a better and more advanced future for everyone. His entrepreneurship efforts were recognized by the late Indian President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam at the President’s house. To ease his entrepreneurship journey he sought comfort in yoga and soon started to see the positive effects that it had on his psychological and material life.

He says, ‘What began as a physical practice soon started cleansing the mind and then the soul.’ To explain how yoga can be used to address the problems of entrepreneurship he says, ‘As entrepreneurs, we need to evolve from pure passion to creating a venture of purpose – promoting peace, harmony, and happiness.’

Though relatively new to the world of yoga, Rajat Khare has made yoga, especially Vipassana meditation an integral part of his life. The travel enthusiasts and a full-time entrepreneur has been able to bring a focus, clarity, and equanimity in his life through practicing yoga religiously, bringing a balance in his life.


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