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Yvng Flow Is A Proud, Trained Rapper, Catching The Attention With Blasting Rap Verses In ‘Tommy Craze’


Meet the young and underrated hip hop musician Yvng Flow who dreams bigger, to live in LA, and signing unlimited records with the biggest producers soon with his amazing prowess of rapping with rhyming words. His latest music release on youtube is titled Tommy Craze’ which acts as the mirror that projects his introspective decisions towards his precious and brief music career. He is only 17 years old and has already made a couple of hit songs and videos on youtube. Drawing inspiration from the gone-too-soon artist Juice WRLD, he makes music with a swift flow of bass and emotive elements to emerge feelings out of numbness. He is like an underdog who is waiting for a single opportunity to capture the whole world in his power of hip hop music.

Coming out of Oklahoma, the young rapper is embedded with the zeal to prove every point he makes in his life. The strong and expressive music worked like magic on the millennial crowd. Anyone who’s going through a rough phase and looking out for a little bit of sunshine can relate with the words he utters in each of his songs. He cries out for help one moment like a normal teenager, one moment later, he figures out the mysteries of life. With Herculean efforts and young spirit, he has overcome many obstacles that came to stop him from playing music. He is the true inspiration of the future generation who learns a lot from fellow artists and grow with the tradition.

Oklahoma versatile artist Yvng Flow released a new audio ‘Tommy Craze’ on youtube on September 18, 2020. It focuses on the real values of his emotional mind and young heart. It starts with banging beats and ends with the blast of his massive articulation. The heavy bass-work, muted beats, and magical chorus activate hypnosis in the audience’s mind. It brings trance in your limit with the organic soundscape made with melodic verses. It is a great track with strong energy and it will be a good trick to introduce the new rapper in the industry. Singing about hard days and forcing rap rants out of his throat makes him a hero who knows that life is not a playground but a battleground. With the previous hits such as ‘Faygo’ and ‘My Type’, he is showing his strong intention to pick a record label shortly. ‘Suicidal Thoughts’ is one of the major music releases of the artist which left quite an impact on the society. Follow him on YouTube, Instagram, Spotify, and apple music and get all the tracks from his latest EP “Depression“.


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