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Earvin’s Net Worth Skyrockets, he is rising to greatness


Earvin relaxing at home

Earvin has the Midas Touch

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- London, Oct 3, 2020 ( – There is a lot of speculation about how Earvin Eugene will rise to the occasion. With plenty of conversations with businesses in the United States and abroad. He has communication in New York, Los Angeles, and we’re hearing late in the U.K. Supposedly he will be releasing an audiobook album in due time. There are talks it will be released on October 23rd! That is Earvin’s birthday. We wish him the best. Our research states the album will be called, “PLAY”. It is a remastered collection of great audio. Earvin’s team had no comment on the matter.

We believe with Earvin’s growing catalogue and purchases by publishing businesses like AustinMacauley and HarperCollins his net worth is approaching one million dollars. As he still grows his independent archive, it can be stated that with the right partners, his net worth could grow exponentially. It seems that Earvin does not like to discuss money as business booms. He is a quiet and calm worker. Earvin releases projects weekly. We can tell that he is on the right path for success. 

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