Trailblazing Hip Hop Lord Juvi Da Gemini Delivers The Trendiest Hooks In His New Single ‘Where I’m From’


Juvi Da Gemini

Upcoming hip hop artist Juvi Da Gemini brings back the far-flung rhythms from his distinctive hip hop aesthetic with the new track ‘Where I’m From’ on Spotify.

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- California City, Oct 12, 2020 ( – Juvi Da Gemini, the famous artist out of Toronto, conquers the fathomless hip hop sphere with his new single Where I’m From. It is a brand-new song from the powerhouse of raw and legendary compositions with extensive musical drifts. He makes the song with his familiar touch of West coast vibe and bouncy bass-work. He raps about the unfathomable attraction towards someone who doesn’t belong to his world. With its charismatic hooks, he deliberately presents the emotional rollercoaster that left him numb inside. He croons about the unbearable sentiments with groovy beats that create a dreamy atmosphere.

Juvi Da Gemini is from Canada, but his music sounds very different from the rest of the upcoming hip-hoppers. He is vigilant and ambitious who seizes the moment to shine every time. His songs are motivational and emotional with personal revelation. He croons with a clear attempt to present his earnest storytelling with desirable beats and bars to give his audience the pleasure of every word he sings. ‘Booyah’ and ‘BIG DOG’ are the two milestones of his long-lasting career. The songs are concluded with the classy hip hop rhythms picturing his flawless lifestyle. He brings out the meaning of love and success in one’s life with his lyrical prolificness.

He recently delivers the newest single ‘Where I’m From’ that demands attention from his overcrowded fan base. He raps out the feeling of waiting for the answer from someone who is not coming back. He caters the song with enjoyable hooks and quivering bassline to produce the urban style of evolving hip hop. It is a good mix of soft and smooth lines of rhythms that sets a stellar example of his creativity.

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