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California Trap Artist Kilo House Gives Horror Lovers A Taste Of His Deathcore Musical Delicacy With ‘Demons’


Kilo House

Absorbing the goodness of the genre of Trap, prolific and multi-talented musician Kilo House has embedded them into his deathcore magnificence birthing an entirely new and refreshing resonance that separates him from the contemporary crowd. His recently released songDemons’ is a thoughtfully weaved and methodically synchronized number that a chill horror vibe that is incredibly unique and praiseworthy in the industry. The 808 beats merged with the haunting synth sounds ambivalent ambiance that generates a sense of pure acoustic satisfaction. The tantalizing build-up of the song prepares the audience for an equally amazing and startling drop blasting off the subwoofers.

Influenced by a variety of musicians ranging from Blink 182 to $uicideBoy$, the brilliant California Trap artist experiments with diverse melodic elements and styles that have helped his form a unique soundscape that is rare in the industry. The respected graduate of the well-known ICON COLLECTIVE, the gifted musician is determined to omit the gap between different genres by combining his deathcore influences with the highly flexible genre of Trap. His music has a wonderful entertaining feel to it that brings the listeners on o the dance floor without much persuasion. Despite all the obstacles and limitations caused by him being wheelchair-bound, the passionate musician never fails to satisfy his audience by presenting quality music.


Driven by his love for the genre, the supremely talented artist is ready to lift up the spirit of the world with his amusingly haunting soundscape, especially his recent creation called ‘Demons’. The track is a spooky number featuring unparalleled and innovative synth sounds that give the whole aesthetic of the production a rejuvenating texture. Kilo House has already gained an avid fanbase with his creations such as ‘XXX Files’, ‘The Worst Nightmare Of All’, ‘Mr. Sandman’, and ‘The CHiLDREN’, and more. Follow him on SoundCloud, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for more.


Demons: https://soundcloud.com/kilo-house/kilo-house-demons


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