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Texas R&B Singer Natalie Nichole’s ‘4 You’ Is A Transcending Lyrical And Musical Melody


Natalie Nichole

The scope of contemporary R&B and soul is being carried forward through a captivating progression of melodies and lyrics by upcoming artist Natalie Nichole. She recently collaborated with fellow musician ItsAMovie for the single, ‘4 You’ that presents a beautiful and invigorating vocal and musical arrangement. The song is composed and produced with an electronically-modulated enamel that makes it all the more appropriate for the contemporary crowd. The strains of R&B and soul are juxtaposed across her lyrical and rhythmic content and the result is a mellifluous flow of thematic resonance. Her vocal control and prowess reflect in the song that carries the audience on a journey of self-contemplation.

This Texas R&B singer is currently associated with the Indience Music Group that elaborates her platform as a singer, songwriter, actress, and performer. The single, ‘4 You’ is written by the artist herself that thematically deals with the topics of love. The ballad is beautifully composed with R&B and soul strains that help in the creative progression of the song along a slow but captivating course. Some of her other songs like ‘Can’t Sleep, ‘Honest’, ‘Overdue’, and ‘Thinking Bout You’ all carry her pleasant vocal and musical aura that indulges her audience into the depth of her exquisite soundscape.

4 You

Artist Natalie Nichole gained extensive exposure after moving to California and later collaborated with Nick Cannon for various musical projects. Her trials and tribulations were instrumental in shaping her personality and a musical sense that is beautifully captured through honest storytelling in her soundscape. She is continuing with her creative abilities and expanding music every day. With soul and R&B, she has incorporated various contemporary streaks that make her sound stand apart in the crowd. Indulge in this creative display and musical and thematic flavors by following her work on Soundcloud, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and her official website.


4 You: https://soundcloud.com/natalienichole/4-you-ft-movie


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