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Waterofelegance Confounds Her Followers with Striking R&B and Soul Records



It has been a year of non-stop poignant musical moments as many big gigs, and great music festivals were called off due to the pandemic. But the new Missouri Soul artist Waterofelegance is trying to make a change in the scene with her unworldly vocals and unrivaled prowess of singing youthful R&B and Soul tracks. Her pristine voice is as peaceful as the nightingale that creates a far-flung soundscape that belongs to the distant future. She has recently dropped three preview tracks on SoundCloud, and these are speculated to be the biggest hits of late 2020. Her unique style of merging R&B vibes with chill pop beats is distinctive in the overflowing contemporary musical paradigm.

She is a young R&B and Soul artist who is driven by her unwavering passion to aware avid music enthusiasts of the experimental side of classic music. She is a certified diamond in the starry sky of the music industry because she has already captured the attention of the local community for the songs she has released. Do No Wrong is the latest preview as she that she has completed recently. Its highly addictive notes tell a story that only a few might have experienced but the essence she imbibed is so real that it easily gets people hooked on to it.  She tries to inspire people to help each other and believe in god’s chosen path for everyone on this earth.

Waterofelegance’s majestic vocals bring good vibes and hold a mirror ball reflecting nostalgia. Leading with a simple yet satisfying soundscape and chord progression, Born to Live brings out her cosmic strength. Her songs are full of colors and sensuality that make her more womanly. She sings the song ‘Kiss’ with a subtle boldness that reflects that she is an untamed and powerful soul that glows in the fire of pure love. The smooth cadence and jazzy intro are the essential signs of her musicality. Find her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

To check out the songs of Waterofelegance, visit the given link: https://soundcloud.com/waterofelegance


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