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Jaya Lesedi Has Released The Plushest R&B Soundtrack Of The Season Titled ‘IF YOU COULD FEEL ME’


Jaya Lesedi

An artist who is redefining the structure of R&B music with her vocal melody and exquisite taste in music-making is singer Jaya Lesedi. The Georgia female R&B singer holds a very unique and distinctive taste in the genre that encapsulates the audience in its essence all at once. From her soulful voice to the lyrical depth of her creations, everything leads the listener through an engulfing sonic experience, perfect to cement her name in the minds of all. The artist nurtures a very blessed voice that can easily drag the audience with its smooth and eclectic vibes that creates a delicate surrounding ambiance.

On her latest record IF YOU COULD FEEL ME, the singer has showcased similar attributes that make it almost impossible for the listener to let go of her emotive voice. Crisp, clear, and catchy, the vocals hypnotically lead the soundscape, intriguing all emotional sentiments in the listener. From the sheer soul sound, the music flows in an enchanting rhythmic manner to invite the audience. Her seducing vocals build up the mood instantly and the song quickly progresses from being good to great and quickly evolves to become addictive. The switches in the rhythm keep the whole thing highly engaging and the laid back yet attractive vocals of this lighthearted singer meanders flawlessly throughout the song span.

Coming from the United States, Jaya Lesedi has crafted the track ‘IF YOU COULD FEEL ME’ under the label JayaLesedi and the singer has included diverse musical influences to keep the charm fresh and engaging. Growing up in the southern United States has inspired the singer’s love for R&B, hip-hop, and soul, and she uses instruments from all over the world in her songs to keep them interesting and distinctive. The artist is currently focused on releasing her second single o November 30. Listen to her tracks on Soundcloud, Spotify, and YouTube, and also follow her on Facebook and Instagram for more details.





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