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Join the Musical Evolution with Hip-Hop Artist Poppy Womacc and His Latest Track ‘Soulfood’


Poppy Womacc

Utilizing the unique rapping style and grooves of New Age hip hop, Poppy Womacc drops his latest single ‘SoulFood’. The track is featured by OG NICCY D who has successfully carried forward the song with his rapping skills. Absorbing the flavors of modern hip hop music, this track is a perfect amalgamation of groovy digital music along with retro arcade vibes. The beats of heavy bass music fill in the hollow spaces and add more depth to the song. Poppy provides a wonderful performance with his versatile vocal skills that meanders through the whole song. The eclectic deliverance of singing and rapping style adds a special layer of uniqueness to the song.

This striving Hip-hop artist from California is making the hip hop fanatics go crazy about his trendy and engaging tracks. The artist explained himself as an underground independent artist and he takes pride in being an underdog or striving or aspiring artist. He is confident about his music and constantly making his progress by paving his way in the industry. His individuality and singing or rapping skills provide a great sense of development in the tune. This can be noticed in his latest track SoulFood. The sudden syncopates and smooth transitions create an impact even after the song ends. The track is well written and lyric expresses the desires of a soul that fulfills that hunger of life, making the title of the track even more relevant.

Upcoming artist Poppy Womacc is working hard all the way from Los Angeles and making himself stand out in the platform of international music. He is currently working on other experimental projects and trying to provide more of his exquisite hip hop tracks. Follow him over Facebook, and Instagram to get more updates on his upcoming music.

To visit his SoundCloud profile, and check his new track “SOULFOOD” here go through the below link :



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