WVBBLES buries his Latent Melancholy and Amps up the Cordial Beats in his EDM Songs to Surpass other Sentiments



There is no harm to expose the dark matter through sultry songs that sketch a reality. Independent electronic music producer WVBBLES lures the millennial music lovers with spatio-temporal soundscape by leading his songs with charismatic electronica drops. Bringing the best dance rhythms and groovy EDM world in the same frame, the stylish sound in WHERE YOU GOING will get you hooked instantly. The king of dubstep leaves the trails of his prolific sound production in this new song that was released on SoundCloud. November turns out to be full of surprises because the song becomes a huge hit under his hood as he takes over the world of music with the support from his hell-bent group of followers.

The best of contemporary sounds collide with the bouncy waves of EDM in his immersive track THROUGH THE SILENCE. Its dark and tempting strokes of edgy synth blasts create fresh dubstep bars that will infect you with nonstop energy of dancing like nobody’s watching. His iconic musicianship gets increasingly likable and futuristic with the bars from the intergalactic atmosphere. He shares his growth of passion for digital sound in each of his production. Using all kinds of modern equipment, he follows his heart’s roar to give his fans some new tunes to jive on.

WVBBLES discovered his passion for mixing sounds from an early age and started to polish his rough skills to sharpen his mind musically. Hailing from Utah, the upcoming EDM artist believes in revolution and he sets his path of music aligned with the overwhelming force of rebel through the subtle change in today’s musicscape. As an introduction to his marvelous project, he kicks in with a beautifully ambient and colorful soundscape in the dance number ‘STANDIN ON THE EDGE REWORK’. His music evolves from the delicate bassline to the meander of the subtle flow of hard drops of wet Dubstep so smoothly that the listeners will be in a trance. His dance numbers are colored with individual characters that portray various feels from time to time. Get all the new tracks on SoundCloud and stay tuned on Twitter and Instagram for his upcoming records.

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