Gaviin B has etched out Riveting Sounds with an Equally Engaging Groove in the Enthralling Rap Song ‘Curse’


Gaviin B

A lot of frenzies are created by the hypnotic sounds of rap etched out by the prodigious rapper Gaviin B. He has generated a heck of a pace in the hip hop number ‘Curse. It is a magnificent performance by the Ohio rapper Gaviin B who has churned out some excellent hip hop tracks. He is only 18-year-old but that does not deter him to rock the show with incredible finesse and unwavering passion. The singer belongs to Wooster, a buzzing place in Ohio, and has carved out his niche in the rap genre. He started very early when he was only 12 and from thereon there was no stopping the singing sensation who has come a long way after that. One can listen to the amazing tracks by the singer by logging on to major music streaming sites like SoundCloud.

The stupendous rapper Gaviin B has belted out a high octane rhythm in the track ‘Curse’ that has an insane flow. There is a whip-smart hook in the track that makes the track a savvy gem. The sassy grove is stylishly blended with the trap beats and subtle touches of funk. There is a dash of confidence in his tracks that is more inspired by the real situations in his life. There is another type of song by the rapper that is more of the party and fun as the singer oscillates between these two moods.

The rapper par excellence has come up with a pocketful of vibes in his latest number that has received an incredible response from his fans. The track has got the lushness of cool hip hop vibes that has got a flabbergasting appeal. Some of the songs from his repertoire that were equally popular and deserves all the praises it received are ‘reminiscing’, ‘The Boy With The Black Heart’, ‘thug it out’ and ‘GASSED UP 2’.

Listen to the track ‘Curse’, click the given below link : 



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