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Avi Kerendian, GGHTx Collaboration with Kiyini Jimedine



(GGHTx and Zidan Benevolence International partnership, in collaboration with a local NGO.)


Approaches to improving global health governance include re-institutionalizing the rights of rural villagers and recognizing farmers’ rights to basic resources. In implementing its public health activities, Zidan Benevolence International has learned that, in order to bring about positive change, individuals must facilitate change by understanding how to use nonprofit collaboration to achieve the best results.


Local global health leaders, like Dr. Arash Hakhamian, have joined forces with GGHTx and have benefited from the training at partner clinics. Volunteers now benefit from being able to allow themselves to pass on their healthcare knowledge to others and ensure that there is enough resources to care for their friends and family at home. They learn that equipping young people with life skills goes hand in hand with a public health project to raise awareness on the importance of independence and the need for personal responsibility in their everyday lives.


Avi Kerendian: “We are in the process of designing a mission trip where volunteers will participate in empowerment groups for disadvantaged children and offer and promote local girls and boys clubs. The mission trips will enable volunteers to help in medical clinics, visit local schools and children and provide much needed emotional support. In addition to educating children about health issues, the volunteers will interact through fun sports activities that will also support local schools.”


The GGHTx and Zidan Benevolence International Project will be divided into two stages. Included they will be providing medical assistance and supporting the people of Uganda side by side with local leaders. The entire Ugandan community of Buikwe District will also benefit from this new global health partnership, as it will introduce a new model of community health that will provide access not only to health care but also to telehealthcare in strengthening the community.


Kiyini Jimedine: “Zidan Benevolence International is one of the world’s most respected and trusted partners in the health field and we look forward to this collaboration, which will combine the best of both worlds in improving the community and global health operations. If the beneficiaries of the project and the programs recognize the objective and contribute appropriately to this process, the sustainability of this process can be achieved for both the implementing authority and the local community.”


By focusing on global health goals and proven nonprofit volunteer models, Avi Kerendian hopes he can make GGHTx’s work on global health and community health more effective. To date, in collaboration with Kiyini Jimedine, they have supported over 1,000 people in over four countries around the world. Volunteer testimonials have described in detail the beauty of volunteering with nonprofit organizations like GGHTx.

As such, these nonprofit organizations continue to work with a wide range of NGOs, including faith-based institutions, healthcare providers, and local people affected by HIV / AIDS. They welcome the opportunity to have volunteers in the Buikwe community who are doing great work and who are excited by the challenge to meet the needs of those who can help.

As COVID-19 takes its toll, global health operations will need to move fast to keep up with the change. Kiyini Jimedine commenting on the optimism of his newfound GGHTx partnership had this to share:

“The fact is that when you move information around health and community development, you move where you need to. I have experienced this myself and so have many other people in my life when I am on a mission:


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