Groove with the Instrumental Music as Hip Hop Artist P Produced IT has come up with ‘Winter Storm 2’


P Produced IT

Rising musician and talented artist P Produced IT is churning out the essence of hip hop with his latest instrumental track Winter Storm 2. The track represents the artist’s prolific musicianship along with an amazing musical arrangement. The track is instrumental but the hypnotic soundscape provides some major hip hop vibes as it progresses. The creatively impressive and engaging digital beats of the track do not fail to engage the listeners. As the track is an instrumental amalgamation of different kinds of music sometimes it feels like waves of lo-fi music are complemented by robotic electro vibes.

The track ‘Winter Storm 2’ is another milestone in this artist’s career as he paves his way in the music industry. Earlier in this year, the artist has released two major projects like the album ‘Stratosphere, {Beat Tape Vol. 1}’ and the EP named ‘Silent In The Night’. Both of the collection proves his musical consistency and knack for creating original music. The album consists of sixteen fresh tracks like ‘Blue Sky’, ‘Midnight on Broadway’, ‘World of Despair’, ‘In The Clouds’, ‘The Hills’ etc to name some. The tracks like ‘Summer Feeling’, ‘City Far Away’, ‘Switch Up’, ‘Skyline’ etc appear on the five-track EP. Each of the tracks provides similar instrumental vibes with huge swathes of synth, keyboard, and major beats.

There are some vocal improvisations but no vocals or lyrics since all of them are exclusively about music alone. The sound design is modern, refreshing, and a perfect balance of familiarity and uniqueness. The underlying creative artistry can be felt through each of the tracks. The Los Angeles instrumental hip hop artist P Produced IT is currently working on new projects to create more exquisite tracks that can engage the listeners with his sheer individuality. To enjoy P Produced IT’s world-music aura follow the artist over SoundCloud and Instagram to get more updates on the upcoming music.

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