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Upcoming Kansas Based Young Rapper TTGS Creates A Lyrically Charged Hip Hop Scope With ‘Run It Up’



The outspokenness and creative freedom of hip hop are being presented through a contemporary production arrangement by upcoming artist TTG$. Recently, he came out with the song, ‘Run It Up’ that is an engaging lyrical verse and optimized into a groovy rhythmic format. His sound is exquisite as he utilizes the various elements of creative production skills to amplify his style and uniqueness to new degrees. The song is a viable mix of new-age and old school styles as it progresses through its immersive lyrical and thematic verses. As a young artist, this song is not just a creative hip hop number. It also conveys a sense of motivation and inspiration for all those who wish to tread the path of musical being. Exemplifying his role as the future of hip hop and rap, this song imbibes new styles and eccentricities that are instrumental in defining the evolution of the genre through the ages.

The song Run It Up is a lyrical flow of personal perspectives and interpretations that cater to a larger global audience. Although he is all of 18, he has a prolific songwriting style and a sense that provides the world with a whole new experience. The Kansas based young rapper plunges the depths of thematic understanding as he structures his song. With his music, he is already making extensive waves of audience acknowledgment that will further lead to a global explosion as an artist. As a rapper, he is a free soul and does not constrict his lyrical expressions.

Artist TTG$ originally hails from Seneca and is currently on a journey of making a name in the relevant industry. He has already gained a lot of appreciation with his other singles such as ‘Flow’, ‘Last Laugh’, ‘Dont Talk’, and ‘Molotov’. Be part of the best infusion of different hip hop and rap styles by following his work on Soundcloud right away.

Click on the link: https://soundcloud.com/swagmagg-401/run-it-up


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