Apple Watch Saved A Man’s Life From A Flooded River

  Perhaps Technology can save and the latest incident in Rotherwas has proved that even more. A cyclist got rescued after falling into a flooded river by calling 999 from his Apple watch while he was clinging to a tree. The incident took place in the River of Wye in Hereford on Thursday. The cyclist was swept off his bike and fell into the swollen river due to the flood. The man was carried further a mile downstream and finally managed to get a hold of a nearby branch and…

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The Death Toll Of Covid-19 In The UK Crosses The Grim Figure Of 100,000 As It Is Hard To Measure The Sorrows

  On Tuesday, the UK has hit a rare grim milestone of Covid-19 as the death toll in the country from the deadly virus has crossed the figure of 100,000 since the pandemic has peaked last year. The death tolls are 1,631 daily and this has been quite disturbing. The total number of deaths has reached 100,162 in the country. The UK Prime minister Boris Johnson has said that it is a very hard thing to compute the sorrows that is there in the grim statistics as there is a…

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Tete-a-tete with DJ Keys

       Music sensation DJ Keys opens up in a very candid interview.    1. What’s the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? – hmmm… take a look to my phone 2. When you walk into a bar, what do you typically order? – Orange juice 3- What’s the one word you are guilty of using too often? – Merdaa (laugh…) 4. What is the last thing you searched for on Google? – Abbout myself (laugh…) 5. What’s the wallpaper on your phone and/or…

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Canadian Artist Neil Young’s Song Rights Now Belong to a Prospectus Businessman

        Legendary musician of Canadian descent, Neil Young sold about half a stake in his songs to Hipgnosis Songs Fund, a British investment company. The company lets people invest in hit songs. According to company owner Merck Mercuriatis, the company specializes in marketing hit songs through different products and settings. He also added that some of the biggest publishing houses out there can have as many as 20,000 such songs allocated for each person. The company currently operates between ratios of 500 to 1,000 per person. So,…

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Germany is Set To Pose A Stricter Lockdown With A Sudden Surge In COVID-19 Deaths

  There has been a huge surge in the number of deaths from the COVID-19 on Thursday. The government has announced a stricter lockdown measure compared to the last year’s lockdowns. As per the reports of the biggest newspaper in the country Bild, Chancellor Angela Merkel proposed a ‘mega lockdown’ all over the country, shutting down almost everything to prevent the fast spread of the new strain of the virus that was first observed in Britain. In the lockdown, she proposed to close all the public transports, both local and…

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TTG$ Entertainment Music 

Upcoming Kansas Based Young Rapper TTGS Creates A Lyrically Charged Hip Hop Scope With ‘Run It Up’

he outspokenness and creative freedom of hip hop are being presented through a contemporary production arrangement by upcoming artist TTG$. Recently, he came out with the song, ‘Run It Up’ that is an engaging lyrical verse and optimized into a groovy rhythmic format. His sound is exquisite as he utilizes the various elements of creative production skills to amplify his style and uniqueness to new degrees. The song is a viable mix of new-age and old school styles as it progresses through its immersive lyrical and thematic verses. As a…

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Entertainment Health 

Witness the Prolific Musicianship of TBF Distro through the Track ‘The Brave Little Toaster’

High octane digital beats and musical professionalism have united in the latest single ‘The Brave Little Toaster’ by none other than TBF Distro and Team Unity. The musical arrangement in the track is beautifully designed by churning out the flavors of trap, street, and club music. With such a unique upbeat sound design, the track engages the listeners with a catchy hook and a deep impact. The rhythmic flow and lyrical strength of the artist are perfectly balanced with the hypnotic soundscape. Some clever uses of vocal prompts, gunshots, and…

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WHO Scientists Have Arrived In China To Look Into The Origins Of The Pandemic

      A new team of WHO scientists landed in the Chinese city of Wuhan and started the mandatory search for the possible origin of the Covid-19 pandemic. After several months of getting a round of agreements between WHO and Beijing, they can expect cooperation from the government for the investigation. The team has 10 scientists who will begin the investigation by interviewing people from research institutes, hospitals, and the seafood market which may have a direct connection to the initial outbreak. The covid-19 strain was first found in…

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ElectroTrek Entertainment Music 

Upcoming Female Electronic Music Artist FROM Arizona Electrotrek Dishes Out AN Eclectic Modern Soundscape

Studio artist ElectroTrek is dishing out an eccentric mixed bag of sound dynamics with her Vortex variance of music styles. Aiming to provide an immersive soundscape to enrich the moods of her audiences during moments of contemplation, she has established an electronic stream of new-age sounds and techniques. Her music trespasses the known standards of musical arrangement as she dives deep into the parallels of contemporary sound theories. Her song, ‘Winter Solstice Delight’ is a sultry feeling of a Bavarian village and the fluidity of everyday lifestyle. The song is an inside…

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Doug Ford Announced That Ontario Will Run Out Of Corona Virus Vaccines By The End Of The Next Week

    Ontario Premier Doug Ford stated that the province is running out of COVID-19 vaccines and that it shall also be out of Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine doses by the end of the week. On Friday morning a press conference was held where Ford spoke with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Thursday night about the need for a more reliable vaccine supply. Ford said that Toronto’s University Health Network shall run out of its vaccine supply on Friday and also added that Southlake Regional Health Centre in Newmarket, the Ottawa…

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