The Death Toll Of Covid-19 In The UK Crosses The Grim Figure Of 100,000 As It Is Hard To Measure The Sorrows


Image Credit – Times Of India


On Tuesday, the UK has hit a rare grim milestone of Covid-19 as the death toll in the country from the deadly virus has crossed the figure of 100,000 since the pandemic has peaked last year. The death tolls are 1,631 daily and this has been quite disturbing. The total number of deaths has reached 100,162 in the country.

The UK Prime minister Boris Johnson has said that it is a very hard thing to compute the sorrows that is there in the grim statistics as there is a huge loss of life a lot of the relatives didn’t get a chance to say goodbye and family gatherings are not attended. The latest figures were unveiled by him as he briefed from 10 Downing Street in London.

He also added that the loss of life is tragic and appalling. He also urged everybody to work together with the number of casualties we have and must abide by the stay at home principles, and also the vaccines to defeat the deadly virus.

The prime minister also promised that he is going to commemorate the lives that are lost at a date in the future and it is also going to take a huge national effort to tackle the pandemic and this will range from health workers to scientists who are developing the vaccines and also the key workers.

Professor Chris Whitty, the Chief Medical Officer of England joined the meeting with Boris Johnson at the press briefing that is termed as a very sad day as they went through the health data so that they can note the number of people who have tested positive for Covid-19 in the UK and the numbers has peaked extremely high but it is coming down at this moment.

He also added that they need to be realistic as the numbers are going to come down pretty slowly over the period of next couple of weeks. Furthermore, he has said that one must not relax the lockdown restrictions too early and has to be very careful.

The latest data by the government has now coincided with the assessments provided by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) about death certificate data. This has revealed that since last year there have been almost 104,000 deaths. The daily death toll figures provided by the UK Government relied on the positive coronavirus tests that have taken place in the last 28 days and for this reason, these figures are slightly behind the figures for the death certificate.

The figures provided by ONS has shown that there have been total registered deaths of 7245 in England and Wales mentioned in the death certificate about Covid-19 in the week that will be ending on 15th January that is slightly higher than 6,057 deaths that happened the week before and the weekly number is highest since 24th April 2020.


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