Apple Watch Saved A Man’s Life From A Flooded River


Image Credit – Business Times


Perhaps Technology can save and the latest incident in Rotherwas has proved that even more.

A cyclist got rescued after falling into a flooded river by calling 999 from his Apple watch while he was clinging to a tree.

The incident took place in the River of Wye in Hereford on Thursday. The cyclist was swept off his bike and fell into the swollen river due to the flood.

The man was carried further a mile downstream and finally managed to get a hold of a nearby branch and managed to call the fire control.

Sean Bailey, the station commander said, “We’re very surprised he didn’t lose his grip.” The man was clinging to that branch for around 20 minutes and managed to stay.

Mr. Bailey further said that the passerby helped them by giving a rough direction to the cyclist but it still took around 20 minutes.

He said, “He was speaking to our fire control whilst he was clinging onto a tree, via his Apple Watch, which worked wonderfully well for us to actually get to him as quickly as possible.”

That particular part of the river was fast flowing water that could easily sweep away any person.

Mr. Bailey explained, “Our guys are very well trained for this sort of event, but we can’t replicate those situations, the high river levels that you get when it’s in full flood.”

He said that even trained and strong swimmers can struggle in such situations, but the man was “lucky” enough to survive.

He further said, “It’s one of those things where your natural instincts, adrenaline kicks in, in order to be rescued.”


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