Doug Ford Announced That Ontario Will Run Out Of Corona Virus Vaccines By The End Of The Next Week



Image Credit – Global News


Ontario Premier Doug Ford stated that the province is running out of COVID-19 vaccines and that it shall also be out of Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine doses by the end of the week. On Friday morning a press conference was held where Ford spoke with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Thursday night about the need for a more reliable vaccine supply.

Ford said that Toronto’s University Health Network shall run out of its vaccine supply on Friday and also added that Southlake Regional Health Centre in Newmarket, the Ottawa Hospital, and others will run out of vaccines by the end of the week.

Ford stated that Ontario shall exhaust its supply of the Pfizer vaccine by next week, but a provincial technical briefing being released on Tuesday stated that Ontario will receive about 80000 doses of the Pfizer vaccine during the week of January 11. It also added that the province would receive the amount of Pfizer vaccine doses during the weeks of January 18 and January 25, respectively.

The briefing on Tuesday also said about the 56000 doses of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine that are expected to arrive in Ontario on January 11. This is apart from the 53000 vaccine doses the province has received from Moderna during the week of December 28.

Moderna is being used for residents, e4ssential caregivers, and staff in long term care homes in the hotspot regions and also I the North due to its ability to be transported more easily.

Ford said on Friday that Ontario has administered more vaccines than any other province in the country. He also said that they all are hopeful that the federal government will get them more vaccines. Or else without them, the hospitals have to start canceling appointments and all the other progress that they have made to get their daily vaccine numbers up shall be lost.

As of Thursday, the province said that 4053 people gave so far been successfully vaccinated with two shots. Ontario has administered 87563 doses so far.

According to a coronavirus vaccine data tracker website, Ontario reportedly has 196125 doses available and has also administered about 44.6 percent of its current supply of vaccines. On Friday Ford stated that the first phase of Ontario’s vaccine plan is well underway.

The first phase that began on December 15 is seeing limited doses of the COVID-19 vaccine available to the health-care worker in the hospitals, retirement homes, and other long-term care homes, and congregate settings, and remote Indigenous communities.

The second phase of the province’s novel corona virus vaccine has been planned to begin sometime this winter.

On Tuesday, the Ontario government said that it has hopes to have all residents, health-care workers, and caregivers I the long term care homes in Toronto, Peel, Tork, and Windsor-Essex immunized with at least a first dose by January 21.

The University Health Network’s president said that the hospital system has 3000 people booked to be inoculated per day.


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