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Upcoming Female Electronic Music Artist FROM Arizona Electrotrek Dishes Out AN Eclectic Modern Soundscape



Studio artist ElectroTrek is dishing out an eccentric mixed bag of sound dynamics with her Vortex variance of music styles. Aiming to provide an immersive soundscape to enrich the moods of her audiences during moments of contemplation, she has established an electronic stream of new-age sounds and techniques. Her music trespasses the known standards of musical arrangement as she dives deep into the parallels of contemporary sound theories. Her song, ‘Winter Solstice Delight’ is a sultry feeling of a Bavarian village and the fluidity of everyday lifestyle. The song is an inside out projection of true merrymaking and existential brightness that is thematically infused in the resonating streams of the song.

The Female electronic music artist from Arizona releases music through her home label same as her stage name. ‘Solitude Under The Stars’ is a beautiful progression reminding the audience of a thematic relevance between the azure sky and our own expanse and journey towards enlightenment. A song that transcends the virtues of understanding and reasoning with the sky as the endless canvas, it is both soul-stirring and motivational. Her other song, ‘Space Chase’ is an eclectic scope of creative freedom that shakes the listeners to the ore with its unexpected modulations of sounds and rhythmic alternations.

Artist ElectroTrek mesmerizes the audience yet again with the song ‘Ven Vivo’ which is a romantic dance number about a lover and his dancing partner protruding into a meandering resonance. ‘Estrellas Latinas’ infuses Latin bass and dance themes to introduce everyone to a fresh new start in their lives as well as a creative arena. Currently, she is working with various genres, instrumentations, and themes such as orchestral, piano, folklore, space ambient, Latin, and EDM into a streaming course of 9 live singles set for release between the 15th and 23rd January. To know more about her artistic scope, follow her on Soundcloud.

Listen to her on Soundcloud here: https://soundcloud.com/electrotrek


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