Dustin Diamond Of Saved By The Bell Fame Dies Of Cancer At 44



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Dustin Diamond who was best known for his role of Samuel or Screech Powers on the original series of Saved By the Bell has demised at the age of 44 after suffering from lung cancer.

His representatives said in a statement that Diamond has passed away on Monday, February 1st owing to carcinoma.

He was diagnosed just three weeks before his demise. His cancer spread very fast across the system. He did not suffer for long and for that his loved ones are grateful.

The statement said that the team has been working with the actor for over twenty-one years. It went on to say that their relationship was not anything like a business. He was a part of their lives, their friends, and their family circle.

His life however was an undulating ride with various unfortunate events during its course. They said that the behavior was not intentional and have acted out poorly owing to circumstantial pressure. The behavior emerged from the heartaches and turmoil that he went through and due to the lack of knowledge on how to process the pain. Essentially he was a high-spirited and witty person who was passionate about bringing light into other people’s lives. His strength and flaw were that he understood others’ pain like it is his own.

Dustin was a bundle of surprise and was an unpredictable soul who always left the world in shock. The team also expressed their gratitude to have shared his true self with them. His persona was very different from his public image. They urged the media to give Dustin’s family the respect and privacy that they deserve during the time of crisis. His demise is stinging everyone close to him and its sudden arrival also shook them immensely.

The actor was admitted to a Florida hospital sometime in mid-January after he started experiencing pain all across his body.

His representative soon confirmed that Dustin indeed has been diagnosed with cancer. He added that his condition was a pretty grave at the moment of the statement release. He then said that everyone was waiting eagerly to know more details regarding his health as they were looking forward to having news shortly. The actor was in a lot of pain during his stay and treatment period in the hospital.

Dustin Diamond is best known for the character of Samuel ‘Screech’ Powers from the original series Saved By the Bell as one of the main cast members. The series ran between 1989 and 1992. He appeared in the follow-up series The College Years and The New Class not to forget Good Morning, Miss Bliss which was Saved By the Bell’s sequel.

He was the only cast member from the original series to not have appeared in the recent reboot of the series.

He appeared on Celebrity Big Brother in 2013.

He was married to his longtime girlfriend Jennifer Misner between 2009 and 2013.


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