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Submit your Spotify music to the curated playlist to gather more listeners

If you are looking for organic popularity of your music submit Spotify music to curated playlists to increase exposure. It is an effective method and absolutely free of cost. The key lies in finding the exact genre for your particular tracks. It often happens that even after uploading tracks successfully the artists do not get enough exposure for their Spotify playlists. That is where Find Music Box comes with its plethora of curated playlists that successfully garner the attention of the listeners. Also, the website lets you submit Spotify music to…

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Promote your YouTube video Entertainment Music 

Achieve a Massive Number of Views on YouTube with the Help of Music Promotion Club

ideos are the best way to grab the attention of the target audience in today’s busy world. That is why YouTube is the biggest market place for performing artists and businesses to promote their works, products, or services. Succeeding in YouTube means the effective establishment of one’s brand image. Music Promotion Club is a video marketing service that works especially with YouTube videos. The website promotes the videos of its clients through its vast network. It brings a massive amount of audience engagement to them. Through their strategized marketing campaigns,…

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Olivia Rodrigo and The Rubens Rule Australian Music Charts

      Rock band The Rubens have once ruled Triple J’s Hottest 100 but they have never topped Australia, their homeland’s charts in the salient history of their career. The alternative rock band debuted at No. 1 on the ARIA Albums Chart with 0202. It marks the fourth studio album by the band from Menangle, New South Wales. It is also the fourth Australian No 1. album on the ARIA Charts for the year 2021. 0202 marks a milestone in the band’s career and its features the ARIA Award-nominated…

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Canadian Government Has Modified The North Atlantic Right Whales Protection Measures For The Year 2021

    The federal Fisheries Department shall continue to put in efforts this year o protect endangered North Atlantic right whales in the Canadian waters, but it is making slight changes to reduce the impact on the fishing industry. On Thursday, the government announced that it will close the fishing areas when the whales are present, but before prolonging such a closure, the authorities plan to step up the surveillance to determine whether the whales remain. When a right whale is detected in an area, it remains closed to lobster…

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The Dubai Ruler’s Daughter, Princess Latifa Says That She Has Become A Hostage

      Tiina Jauhiainen hadn’t heard from her beloved friend for a few exhausting months. She is thinking about what could trouble Princess Latifa now, after being confined in Dubai. According to the last few phone calls, Princess Latifa was punished for trying to escape and since then, she was kept hostage. She managed to share her whereabouts with her friend by using a secret phone. But, that has changed too. Suddenly, Tiina stopped getting calls from her friend. When Tiina last saw Princess Latifa, they were enjoying a…

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Music Services 

Music promotion Club Delivers Real SoundCloud Promotion for Musicians

Passionate singers often don’t get the visibility they should have without any effective music marketing. If they want to get organically popular in the market, they must use real SoundCloud promotion. (YorkPedia Editorial):- Atlanta, Georgia Feb 19, 2021 ( – Upcoming musicians and professional artists on Soundcloud can enjoy various real SoundCloud promotion services available on the biggest online music marketing network Music promotion club. The website has brought several successful music promotional offers for the new faces in the industry. Popular artists also suggest that having music promotions helps each artist in the long…

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Lonleybandz Entertainment Music 

Lonleybandz’ Dreamy Pop Production Makes the Contemporary Hip Hop Numbers More Desirable

California has become the hotbed for emerging hip hop artists who are making enormous progress at the beginning of 2021. One of the few successful musicians, Lonleybandz keeps producing hot and heavy sounds at full throttle. The upcoming  Tulsa solo artist is taking each step more seriously because he has a reputation to maintain. His terrific discography is only increasing, piling up with more original releases day by day. His enigmatic personality is overwhelmingly present all over his songs. The latest single ‘Oceans’ featuring T-Rell was released in January as a warm-up for…

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Soul Grammy Award-Nominated Music Producer Bey Bright Tops the Music Charts With the New Fun-Kissed Composition

The quintessential music artist Bey Bright first beat the drums for his epochal music contributions in the sparkling music scene in New York after he was nominated for an Indie Soul Grammy Award. His name was on billboards and his face was covering the camera at various TV shows across the globe. He founded Bright Vision Entertainment hot on the heels of his surprising success. The famous New York RnB Singer is a source of vitality in the American music industry. His skillful musicianship and entrepreneurship have guided many aspiring musicians to follow their…

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Muhammad Hasan Lakhani Shipping Biography – Young Shipping Professional in Dubai

    Muhammad Hasan Lakhani has proved his prowess as the youngest shipping professional who is working his best to make a difference in the same industry. Born on 29 August 1991 in Dubai into a well-regarded family, Hasan always aspires to match the footsteps of his father. During his 12 years of indulgence serving in numerous organizations, HasanLakhani has proved his expertise and specialization in executing new strategies rapidly. Hasan Lakhani finished his education at Mill Hill School and David Lang and Dick College, UK respectively. Having a keen…

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The Puissant Personality Of Muntadher Saleh Is Making The Global Audience Amazed

  “Do Not Look At My Success And Think It Is Easy. I Failed More Than I Can Remember, But I Did It” This famous quote belongs to none but enigmatic Muntadher Saleh. This striving artist has conveyed his life within such simple words that shows his hard work and determination. This uber-talented person is versatile in nature. He is a writer, a pharmacist, a designer, and a painter as well.   Muntadher Saleh is a multifaceted artist who is making the global audience fascinated with his mesmerizing artworks and…

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