Submit your Spotify music to the curated playlist to gather more listeners


If you are looking for organic popularity of your music submit Spotify music to curated playlists to increase exposure. It is an effective method and absolutely free of cost. The key lies in finding the exact genre for your particular tracks.

It often happens that even after uploading tracks successfully the artists do not get enough exposure for their Spotify playlists. That is where Find Music Box comes with its plethora of curated playlists that successfully garner the attention of the listeners. Also, the website lets you submit Spotify music to curated playlists free of cost. It is a convenient method that makes the listeners listen or introduce your music in a completely organic way. It is a simple and easy way to gather more listeners and followers for your particular profile.

The website offers the users different kinds of curated playlists dedicated to each music genre like Rock, Metal, Pop, Jazz, hip hop, rap, ambient, and soul, etc. Every playlist has thousands of listeners and gets played every day with new inclusions. It is not a promotional process but has similar effectiveness and importance. Curated Spotify playlists do not only increase the number of followers but also successfully generates more web traffic and engagement on the artist’s profile. Find Music Box is the best place to submit your tracks which can perform the task with ease.


One of the professional marketers has stated, “Playlists are vital aspects of the music industry. Getting added to the popular playlists is the key to this marketing method. Hence, we try to introduce aspiring musicians to this enticing world of music and want to make them famous. Once the user places an order on the website, the team starts working on the links and find the best possible curated playlist for the tracks.” After getting added to the playlists, the user will witness an exponential change in the number of listeners for the respective track or profile. The company spreads the artists’ talent amongst potential music lovers. It may take up to 24 hours to place the tracks into designated playlists that go perfectly with the genre and ambiance of the track.

The whole thing gets done by following three simple steps. The first step is to open the website of Find Music Box and choose the proper playlist where you want to add your track. The next step is to log in to your Spotify profile and follow the designated playlist in order to get it unlocked. Once the playlist gets unlocked the third and final stage is to add your tracks or playlist. You don’t have to upload anything but the link of the track or tracks and then press the submit button. Thus, the submission will be done!

The process is as easy as child’s play and any individual can avail of this. It is a great opportunity for independent artists or rising artists who are paving their way in the music industry with nothing but their sheer talent and musical skills. Such talent and skill deserve to be known and Find Music Box does that with pleasure. With the successful submission of the track or tracks, it stays in the designated playlist for more than 2 months which is more than enough to make the listeners listen to your particular tracks. Within this short timeframe, your track will get excellent engagements from music enthusiasts. But make sure you don’t forget to like the playlist as it helps to go for better promotional approaches.

One of the best parts of this marketing method is that it is not only artist-friendly but listener-friendly as well. The company allows everyone to submit tracks whether it’s the artist or some fans who think the respective playlist is good enough where the artist’s song should belong. By this, a listener can add his or her favorite track by the favorite artist under the exact genre. It is completely legitimate and free of cost so no one has to worry before making any submission.

To submit your Spotify music free to Find Music Box, just click the link below:





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