The Puissant Personality Of Muntadher Saleh Is Making The Global Audience Amazed



“Do Not Look At My Success And Think It Is Easy. I Failed More Than I Can Remember, But I Did It”

This famous quote belongs to none but enigmatic Muntadher Saleh. This striving artist has conveyed his life within such simple words that shows his hard work and determination. This uber-talented person is versatile in nature. He is a writer, a pharmacist, a designer, and a painter as well.


Muntadher Saleh is a multifaceted artist who is making the global audience fascinated with his mesmerizing artworks and poignant quotes. His ebullient personality reflects through his works as he puts his heart and soul into that. Some of his artworks namely, ‘The Immortal Martyr’, ‘Van Gogh Thoughts’, ‘The Regret’, etc have gathered a lot of audience for creativity, aesthetics, and emotions.

Marilyn Monroe Artwork


The artist likes to incorporate contemporary words and incidents through his work which feels more emotionally rich and relevant for the art enthusiasts. There is a major influence of typography and line drawing in his artworks which adds a layer of depth to his digital paintings.

This magnificent personality is looking forward to craft more artworks to emotive quotes as he says, “My Dream Still Soaring In Space”.

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