TTGS Underlines his Talent and Passion as a Rapper With the Dope Song Called ‘Run It Up’


The Kansas based young rapper TTG$ smiles at the recent success and features the colossal of wretched dreams and scandalous confessions in the new song ‘Run It Up’.

The famous hip hop artist TTG$ has a surprising ending of the universally shakey year with a high-octane performance in the single Run It Up. It features the familiar territory with some improvised classic vibes of street rap. He delivers the beauty of being broken with all the little motivations that stop one from drowning in misery. Thrashing the mediocrity of the throng of non-deserving candidates in the hip hop sepulcher, the Kansas based young rapper introduces the beguiling tunes originated from his experimental art form. He expands his musical features by adding more thumps of heavy bass work and elegant reverbs. The song is parallel to the issues the American people often face from the disastrous biasness. He sings this song to overpower the minds of amateur artists and broken souls who are crumbling to the ground for validation. He starts by shouting at the top of his lungs about the hard time he had while hustling for recording his original tracks in the industry. The path bends ridiculously tough on the other side when an artist decides to chase his aesthetic dreams.

TTG$ reinforces his career with the slightly controversial, messy hip hop track ‘Run It Up’ on Soundcloud. The members of Soundcloud have created a fraternity after getting inspired by his new song. He blames the hideous instincts of humans for betraying people they love to break them piece by piece. But, he also admits in the groovy track that emotional pangs and unsuccessful attempts to come close to infamous artists have helped him to push himself. Efforts make things happen and the struggle of his story reminds every listener about the solid truth.

He remains incredibly self-aware in the whole composition. He verbalizes snappy phrases with common issues to criticize the unworthy legal discriminations. The song is filled with snobbish remarks to catch the attention of the listeners. The gradual improvisation in the rough tunes gives away dope vibes. He has a reclusive personality who doesn’t come out with flamboyant remarks usually. But, the gruesome year has revealed his charisma in many colors. ‘Flow’ is another rocking track with a mellow set-up of infectious strums. Get more astonishing music from the artist on Soundcloud.

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