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Rising Hip Hop Artist NDO’s Recently Released Single ‘Perfect Timing (Unmastered)’ tops The Popularity Chart



The hip-hop scene has been flooded with a countless number of talented and hardworking artists in recent years. One such gifted individual NDO is creating a buzz in the contemporary hip hop scene with his exclusive rhythmic collections. His most recent release, ‘Perfect Timing (unmastered)’ is the epitome of unbound creativity that is rich in thoughtful chord structures and progressive arrangements. Its dynamic symphony manages to generate genuine emotions in the hearts of the audience. The rich rap delivery is achieved through timely and creative arrangement intermingles with the hard-hitting rhythmic flow in perfect harmony. Armed with his hard-earned thematic insights, he has been able to create a symphony that is extremely satisfying to the ear.

Perfect Timing

Hailing from Minneapolis, the upcoming rapper and songwriter is determined to break free of the monotony of contemporary hip hop. Starting his musical journey from a very young age, he has come a long way in developing complex and rare rhyming techniques. Driven by his true passion, he managed to create sublime compositions that create a mental connection with the audience. The global hip-hop community will be inspired by his hard work and authentic dedication towards the art that pushed him to create meaningful music.

The brilliant musician is currently working independently. He possesses the full potential to get signed by renowned production houses in the near future. The creative storytelling of NDO has a special effect on the audience, getting them in touch with their deepest emotions. His latest single, Perfect Timing (unmastered)’ features soulful rap delivery that sends an electrifying jolt down the spine. The multi-talented musician has been gracing him has with astonishing creations such as ‘NDO’s Mini Mix’, ‘money talks’ featuring T Dogg, ‘Where My Headbangaz At’, and more. Listen to his amazing collection on SoundCloud and follow him on Instagram to stay updated about his upcoming works.

Listen to his creations on Soundcloud now: https://soundcloud.com/chrizv/ndo-perfect-timing


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