Kharkiv Techno Musician Daniel Daraban’s Song ‘Conundrum (Original Mix)’ is a New-Age Musical Glory


The newly released song, ‘Conundrum (Original Mix)’ by upcoming Kharkiv techno musician and producer Daniel Daraban is creating huge waves of audience engagement.

Upcoming music artist and producer Daniel Daraban is bringing thematic symbolism in the scope of techno with his newly released track, ‘Conundrum (Original Mix)’. The track glides through various production arrangements and beats that are presented to the audience like a thematic riddle. There is also strong emotional balance in the track as it exemplifies the various sentiments of human existence. Each stanza of the song also represents the artist’s own sensibility that he felt during its making. As a result, there is a sense of personal touch and individuality in the track that is instantly recognized by the audience. The song can be interpreted differently by the audience and thus paves the way for creative freedom like no other.

Upcoming producer and Kharkiv techno musician Daniel Daraban also owns his production house through which he dishes out his compositions. Some of his other songs include ‘Glimmering’, ‘Hunch’, ‘Augury’, and ‘Airglow’ that also submerge the audience in a streaming flow of music and rhythms. The song ‘Conundrum (Original Mix)’ showcases his prowess and resilience to attempt new creative horizons. The song is a sentimental statement in the way of a riddle engaging and intriguing the audience to its eccentricity. He has also been a DJ during his time in Germany where he explored the scopes of trance and techno music through his arrangements. Get a taste of the contemporary musical generation by following him on the platforms of Soundcloud, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and  Beatport.

Check out to listen this song ‘Conundrum (Original Mix)’ by Daniel Daraban :



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