Upcoming Artist S1yKillRyuk’s Afloat Image of a Rapper Gets Distinctive in the Music Video ‘Back Of The Truck’


The unique Pittsburgh-based upcoming artist S1yKillRyuk’s glow is not going to fade for a while after smashing the records with his new music video ‘Back Of The Truck’.

Hip hop has been evolving since the insufferable hit of the pandemic. It’s been a year of many impossible possibilities and sufferings. Finally, a new day of a new era is breaking with the full-fledged operations in the music industry and other sections of industries. It is the biggest opportunity for upcoming artists to drum up their buzz again on the internet with new music. The young Pittsburgh-based upcoming artist S1yKillRyuk is growing his presence in the hip hop realm with valiant activities. His new music release Back Of The Truck’ premiered on YouTube on March 31st. With the super-focused, swanky number, he becomes the talk of the town. He restores his significance in the industry with vigilant accomplishment, unlike other upcoming artists. It is a tough composition that he produced while ripping his heart open so that his fans can access the innermost aspect of the story he shared with it.


S1yKillRyuk had a dream to become the face that inspires youth and change the vision of how the world takes on hip hop. Now he is living his dream every single day in his studio. He makes new songs and converts his memories into history that no one can erase. He takes the microphone in his hand and leaves the world captivated with his profound skill of rapping. The prolific substance in his music often opens new doors to parallel realities. His unique concept to sabotage dogmatic perceptions clearly brings a revolution in the society around the suburbs. His favorite neighborhoods and closest peers help him to write songs about what’s real yet disembodied. He focuses on the hustle that makes the world of music so different and tough to acquire. He started playing music from a young age when he first realized that socializing is an artificial instinct for advanced minds like him. He found another way to compensate for the claustrophobia he was living in; through the music, he vented out the suffocation that choked his thoughts. Since then he did not turn his back on this creative invasion.

‘Back Of The Truck’ is the boulevard of thoughts that he combines with mellow tunes and rich melodies. He associates the retro rhythms in the song to give a bonus edge to the hybrid music scene. With the bone-crunching velocity of rapping, he smashes the social norms that once held him back from going after his dreams. He doesn’t forget to bash fools who joke about his efforts and passion for hip hop music. He plays discordant notes with a deep and raw rap flow that shows the difficulties of being in the media focus. With the limelight, everything gets seen and he struggles to have a personal space to take his time out from the constant hustle. Follow the upcoming artist on Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram.


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