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‘Diamonds Walkin’ By Vlone Breezy Is the Classic Hip-Hop Anthem to Play on Loop


There is no running away from the fact that it has been a considerable amount of time since the rap world has witnessed a young talent not getting succumbed to any genre pressure rather moving forward with its own set of rules. Representing himself as one of those highly celebrated talents who have the potential hidden within him to conquer great heights is Vlone Breezy. The 18-year-old upcoming rapper is in no way staying behind with his unique skill set rather churning them to the best of his abilities to give a tough competition to others around him. The young gem is just starting and it seems he could give a tough time to the genre veterans.

With his original sound and refined way of performing rap, the artist has dropped his latest single Diamonds Walkin that only gives a glimpse of his boundless abilities. Naturally progressing with his real, raw, and clear vocals, the artist comes aboard with his refreshingly creative storyline that shares instances related to his personal life experiences. Introducing classic hip-hop energy at every turn, the rapper maintains a superb switch of pace that multiplies the essence of the music. The lyrics are catchy and are guided by the right kind of melodic beats that precisely highlights the intriguing concept.

Hailing from Texas, Vlone Breezy has just started on his music journey and edits and records all his songs over free beats on YouTube. Holding a unique taste in hip-hop, the artist is making music that the listeners could easily relate to. The artist remains unapologetically real and genuinely connects with the genre audience. With his amazing work in the new single ‘Diamonds Walkin -beat by Donnie Katana’, the rapper has taken a great leap to his bright future and things can only go right for him in the future. Hear out the full track on Soundcloud now.

Listen to his creations on Soundcloud now:https://soundcloud.com/user-breezybackpack/diamonds-prod-by-donnie-katana


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