Pascal Soriot Is The Man Behind The Vaccine By Astrazeneca


Image Credit – Times of India


Pascal Soriot is the man behind leading the charge in making AstraZeneca one of the very first pharmaceutical companies in the entire world that have produced a vaccine against the deadly Covid-19.

The development of this vaccine along with other scientists at the Oxford University and their decision to make the vaccine available at affordable costs has made this Anglo Swedish firm a household name.

Successful clinical trials are announced and the vaccine has also been passed by regulators and since that time the company has faced a spate of challenges.

There have been delays in the production and delivery of vaccines in Europe and it has caused turmoil. There have been queries on clinical trial data and it has prompted questions regarding the effectiveness of the vaccine among those who are over 65.

Several countries like France and Germany have already suspended the jab and an investigation is pending regarding whether it has caused blood clots.

The European Medicines Agency and the World Health Organization have both spoken about the benefits of the vaccine that has outweighed any risk.

The 61-year-old Soriot has been attacked and he defended the company on multiple fronts. He has also led the takeover of Alexion, the US biotech firm for a whopping $39 billion.

AstraZeneca has kept a consistent line with every question or suspension of the jab that the vaccine is safe and it has cooperated with the regulators and governments.

He has also voiced the annoyance with the armchair critics as part of an interview with media outlets in December and said that he is not a commentator or watcher.

He started his career in Australia and took Australian citizenship. He still has got a home and family in Sydney.

He has also revealed that he has made final preparations regarding the merger announcement with Alexion from a quarantined hotel.

He spoke on a conference call in February during the time of the annual result of the company. He went on to defend the company’s work vigorously about the life-saving vaccine.

He said that the vaccine has provided 100 percent protection and it has taken care of the most serious cases of Covid-19.

The hardest hit ever was the last 12 months as he admitted to media outlets that he has shuttled between Europe, the United States, and Australia.

He was only accompanied by his cat, Daisy.

Pascal Soriot became the Chief Executive of AstraZeneca in 2012. He was no stranger to battles and locked horns with Pfizer before the US firm has tied up with BioNTech from Germany. It was part of the race to develop the first Covid-19 vaccine.

Pfizer also decided in 2014 to take over AstraZeneca for a whopping $69 billion but failed.

It has been argued by Pascal Soriot that new cancer treatments are going to suffer and the lives of the patients will be at stake had this entire thing been allowed by the US firm.


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