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ZonBase the Fastest-Growing Amazon Software is Taking on the Corporate Giants – Defending the “Little Guy”


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ZonBase is built with the help of Kevin David professional Amazon seller

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Miami, Florida May 5, 2021 ( – ZonBase is an emerging Amazon software that is attracting people from all over the world thanks to its ease of use and holistic approach to include all the tools that Amazon sellers need in one place.


This software has a huge variety of tools ranging from the product research tool, the sales estimator, image enhancer, all the way to keyword optimization and machine learning for PPC advertising. That’s why it has quickly become the one-stop-shop for all Amazon sellers and it reached a 50 million dollar evaluation in just over a year.

For The Sellers, By The Sellers

ZonBase is built with the help of Kevin David (a professional Amazon seller, and one of the top online course creators on the planet) and together with the largest community of Amazon sellers in the world. 


Selling on Amazon is harder than ever but this doesn’t mean it’s not a lucrative business model anymore. You just need to know what you’re doing. Kevin understands that it’s hard for the new sellers to gain traction and compete with the big players on the platform. After all, big corporations selling on Amazon have whole teams doing product research, keyword optimization, and listing designs, so how could one man compete with them? Moreover, lots of software out there will burn a hole in your pocket.


Let’s take a new Amazon seller, Sally for example. Sally has worked hard in her job and is now ready to invest in her store. But it’s a risk – she needs to get the product and inventory right the first time, otherwise, she’s lost all her hard-earned money and probably doesn’t think about starting a business ever again.


Sally doesn’t have a big team. Sally can’t afford software that costs thousands of dollars. And she has one chance to make it right. She needs to choose the right products and the data needs to be correct. That’s where ZonBase comes in. 


ZonBase is made affordable and accessible for everyone. The goal of the software is to help average people become successful on Amazon by automating most of their tasks and providing them with actionable data in regards to which products to pick or keywords to choose. 


Zonbase has a huge database of products. The software digs deep into the Amazon database to get the data of more than 20 million products and deliver you the list of best ones within seconds. More data means more accuracy and better results for your store.

ZonBase gives everyone an equal starting point for selling on Amazon. Doesn’t matter whether you’re a one-man army, or have a team of 100 members.

Free Training & Free Trial

What truly sets ZonBase apart from other Amazon software (other than the wide variety of useful tools) is that they offer one-on-one training with Amazon experts for absolutely free! You can ask any queries, get advice, and leverage their experience and skill to dominate on Amazon.


The software also offers a 7-day trial so you can test all its different tools and determine just how much time you can save with ZonBase and how much more revenue it can contribute to your bottom line.

ZonBase Tools

ZonBase has two tools to help you quickly find the right product for your Amazon store: ZonResearch and ZonBase Chrome Extension.


ZonResearch is an inbuilt software tool that can access over 20 million Amazon products to do accurate calculations and give you a list of winning products according to your niche within seconds.


ZonBase Chrome Extension helps you when you want to search for the product on Amazon yourself. It will give you all the insights, sales statistics, and details of your Amazon search.


Sales Estimator: A great tool to keep an eye on your competitors and find out how your chosen products are doing on Amazon in terms of sales.


Other tools that are great for any new or old third-party sellers to ace up their game are ZonTracker, Keywords, Reverse ASIN, Listing Optimization, PageOne, PPC AutoPilot, Product Validator, Photo Enhancer, and many more.


You can find the list of all the tools here:

How to get started with ZonBase:

  • Sign up for the free trial on the ZonBase website.
  • Select the best plan according to your business.
  • Learn how you can use the software to run someone else’s Amazon store and earn money without any investment.
  • Get a FREE training call with our Amazon expert.

ZonBase is Here to Stay

ZonBase is growing rapidly because more and more sellers are discovering its power and what it can do for their business. Whether you want to save time, pick better products, or get greater results with your PPC campaigns, ZonBase can do it all. The free trial is perfect for everyone to try out this software and get quick wins for their business. Sign up for free on their website today.

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